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UCU earns the recognition of Cambridge University.

clock iconCreated At:15 March, 2023
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The University of Cambridge has finally agreed to recognise UCU (The University and College Union). The recognition agreement was signed by the UCU general secretary Jo Grady this week, and the university is set to ratify it soon.

This recognition deal comes at the same time as UCU is re-balloting its members at the University of Cambridge and 149 other universities throughout the UK in its ongoing pay, working conditions, and pension dispute. 

Cambridge was one of only a few UK colleges that did not recognize UCU, making it unusual in higher education. The union will now be able to participate in formal negotiations with management, have a guaranteed place in governance committees, carry out independent health and safety inspections, and provide members with paid time off for important union activities thanks to the recognition deal. All UCU bargaining groups' team members are covered, including those in the academic, academic-related, research, and professional services fields. 

“It's fantastic to be celebrating some good news, a long-fought victory, even in the context of the current national dispute. It shows even after a long campaign, we have the capacity to win. I hope we can continue to build the branch and improve conditions across the entire university for all our members and staff,” said Michael Abberton, head of the UCU branch.

UCU general secretary, Jo Grady, said: “This is a fantastic victory for our Cambridge members and the regional team who have worked tirelessly to get the university to recognise our union. Thanks to them, our union now has a seat at the table representing staff and bargaining with the employer.”

Grady went on, “As we re-ballot 70,000 university workers across the UK in our ongoing pay, conditions and pension dispute, this win is an important reminder that when we organise we have the power to shape our working conditions.”


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