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UCD to consider private lets for student housing in Dublin

clock iconCreated At:27 March, 2023
write iconCreated By:Samir Badawy

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In an effort to alleviate the current pressure on student housing in Dublin, UCD is considering partnering with private landlords. The university currently has 41,000 beds; however, this number is not expected to meet the September intake's demand. This increasing demand for student housing not only affects the number of Dublin student accommodations available but also raises the city's student housing costs.

This situation is why multiple local students have been forced to stay with their parents or drive and commute long distances. This short-term solution is not convenient for everyone, especially international students.

The university has thought of an innovative way to tackle this problem that might solve the housing shortage by leasing directly from homeowners. This new solution will go hand-in-hand with the university's already-provided accommodations.

 Another option to be considered includes shared private rooms, which will add more options for students seeking student housing in Dublin. It will not only alleviate the shortage and add variety to room options but also a variety in the rental price. These shared rooms are expected to help cover the students' stay for 12 to 18 months.

The university also aims to facilitate the process for students by renting out private options and subletting them to students. The university's residence services would also extend to these new options for student housing in Dublin. Even though these discussions between the university and these landlords are still at an early stage, it is still a promising step taken by the university.

Another positive step taken by the Higher Ministry of Education is their plan to invest €40 million to directly fund 405 beds for students looking to study at the Dublin City University under the "Housing for All "scheme. The Higher Ministry of Education is also working on similar projects for other universities in Dublin, such as the previously mentioned UCD and other universities, such as University College Cork and Trinity College in Dublin.


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