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UK Sodexo University Lifestyle Survey Went Global

clock iconCreated At:09 October, 2017
write iconCreated By:Ola Elwassify

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Today’s global generation of students focuses on a wide range of factors when it comes to university life, such as socializing, high-quality accommodations, and more. The 2017 Sodexo International University Lifestyle Survey went globally this year, polling 4,000 students from six countries and the findings are spectacular. The University Lifestyle Survey in the UK has started by Sodexo since 2004, however, the global nature of the survey this year aimed at distinguishing UK students’ priorities and perceptions from their international counterparts.

In a global scale, higher education is progressively competitive, as 5 million students study in foreign countries away from home. What are the differences shown between students in the UK, US, China, India, Spain, and Italy?

38% of the UK students asserted that non-academic aspects are of high importance, and claims that a vital social life and social amenities affected their choice when it comes to university, compared to only 32% globally. 85% of UK students preferred a friendly atmosphere, whereas only 78% global students said that was essential.

Paul Anstey, CEO for Sodexo Universities for the UK & Ireland, Benelux and Nordic regions said: “In an age when we are increasingly seeing digital learning, it’s good to hear that students are still interested in the physical campus and want to see great social and learning spaces,”

“The challenge for service companies like Sodexo is to support universities’ estates strategies as they seek to offer more fluid and flexible spaces, where students can come together to learn, collaborate and socialise.”

When shedding a light on student accommodations, 74% of UK students are satisfied with their living arrangements and accommodations in the UK in comparison with the 72% globally. 79% of UK students stated that Wi-Fi is their most significant factor when choosing an accommodation.

To afford to be a student in the UK must be a pressure; however, most of the students surveyed in the UK are not concerned about having increasing debt after finishing their universities. Probably this is due to the loans’ nature in the UK and the fact that students start paying back their debts when they earn at least £17,775 a year.

Anstey added “It is critical we continuously listen to students, explore best practice worldwide and share our insights with clients and stakeholders,”

 “That means we can, with them, enhance every step of the student journey – from students’ choice of university to their departure to the professional world.”


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