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SDSU Starts Graduate Student Housing Program

SDSU Starts Graduate Student Housing Program

Last week, San Diego State University announced the launch of its new student housing program “Zapotec” for advanced-degree students supported by the Office of Housing Administration and Residential Education. 

The program will serve about 135 students as a start, and it will be offered to those who are enrolled in one or more regular SDSU courses with a valid university ID. It will be located on the western end of campus between Metepec and Toltec, offering an intimate community and one-to three-bedroom apartments. Within the housing, students will be provided multiple facilities, including fully furnished units and Residential Education support.

The current head of SDSU graduate, Ed Balsdon, said regarding Zapotec, "The dedicated block of apartments at Zapotec is an important step in the development of housing options for SDSU's graduate students,”

The number of graduates admiring this new program was shown through the number of applications received as more than 12,000 graduate applications were received by SDSU’s Enrollment Services division for the 2021-22 academic year. This number marks a 60% increase in applications compared to the previous year. 

According to Stefan Hyman, associate vice president for enrollment management, “The COVID-19 pandemic upended many students' plans for employment after completing their bachelor's degrees. Circumstances of last year also inspired many people who had already been in the workforce to earn an advanced degree and prepare for a post-COVID economy.” These factors, combined with the strength of SDSU's graduate programs, have contributed to this increase in applications. 

Randall Timm, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students, also said, “Graduate students are an integral part of our campus community. It is wonderful to see the expansion of so many new graduate programs at SDSU,” Timm added. “Graduate student housing is just one more way we can support our dynamic graduate student community.” 

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