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New 198-bed PBSA in Southampton Gets Approved

clock iconCreated At:06 March, 2024
write iconCreated By:Samir Badawy

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On behalf of Barsad Investments, Boyer has just gotten the green light to start its 198-bed student housing in Southampton, which is set to replace the 50-year-old, worn-down St. Margaret's House. The approval was given by the city council on February 20th. 

The new 3,768.00 sq metre project will push the site’s capacity from 106 bedrooms in the old St.Margaret’s House to 198 beds. The new building will also have five levels compared to the previous building’s four-floor levels. Not only that, but it will also add excellent facilities for its new residents to enjoy. The building will also be built with sustainability in mind and will have a modern design, which is a significant change compared to its run-down predecessors.

The impact of the project does not just extend to students, as it will provide high-quality student accommodation in the city and add more options to alleviate the shortage, but it will also free up family-sized homes in Southampton by reducing the number of residents in Houses of Multiple Occupations (HMOs). It will also enhance the character of the neighbourhood. 

Alice Moore, the associate director at Boyer’s London office, has stated: “Quality student accommodation is in short supply in Southampton, as with so many other cities. By doubling the number of units currently available on the site, this scheme goes some way to meeting the very pressing need. We're extremely pleased to have worked collaboratively with WGP Architects and the wider team on this inspiring project, and we look forward to seeing the development coming forward.”

Regarding the building’s facilities, the property is set to feature a great range of facilities that combine leisure and functionality and include an on-site cinema room, social areas on each floor, an on-site gym where residents can exercise, and green areas that will be redeveloped around the property and will act as socialising spaces, among a variety of other unique on-site facilities.

The new PBSA will also not be dominant or overbearing, as the property will be visually pleasing and surrounded by trees. In addition to the property’s sustainability, novelty, and superb facilities, residents will enjoy great proximity to the city centre, as the new 6 Hulse Road, Southampton property, will be at a distance of two miles from the city centre. 


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