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New Funds for Griffith Indo-Pacific Exchange

clock iconCreated At:18 February, 2021
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After receiving $1.4 million in funding, Griffith University in Australia has announced a New Colombo Plan Mobility Program that will allow 413 students to participate in projects across the Indo-Pacific region over the next three years. This plan aims to increase knowledge about the Indo Pacific in Australia by helping domestic undergraduates to study and undertake internships outside their home country. 

Griffith University is committed to producing graduates who are future-ready with a global perspective and understanding of the world,” Sarah Todd, Vice President of the university said. “The experiences students will have as part of the mobility projects include academic programs and internships that will enhance their global understanding and their employability when they graduate.”

Students will be able to choose from 35 credit-bearing mobility projects across 16 countries including Vietnam, Vanuatu, Tonga, and Japan, all thanks to the funding that was provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Australian Government. 

The New Colombo Plan will provide scholarships to 125 Australian undergraduate students from 38 universities to “live, learn, and connect” across 26 locations in 2021; these participants will include nine Griffith undergraduate students. 

“For some students, their experience in 2021 will be a virtual one due to the current Covid-19-related travel restrictions. However, we have worked with academic colleagues and international partners to develop options.” Todd said. 

Griffith Asia Business Internship convenor Andrea Haefner stated that the 2020-21 mobility program participants managed to build strong relationships with companies even if they were working remotely. “Students worked from their own homes – much like everyone else – except they were interning for companies in five Asian destinations,” she said. 

Students taking part in NCP Mobility Programs participate in activities like introductory history, culture, education and politics sessions, language classes, industry partner sessions, and online cultural classes, including cooking, and film writing.

“It is a great way to learn about a new culture and work with an overseas company during unprecedented times.” Todd said. 


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