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New 1,549-Bed UC Davis Student Housing Established

clock iconCreated At:07 August, 2023
write iconCreated By:Samir Badawy

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The University of California Davis and the Collegiate Housing Foundation were proud to announce the completion of a new 1,549-Bed UC Davis student housing complex that spans 461,205 square feet. This UC Davis student housing will include 11 four-storey buildings, providing 613 housing units. 

The project will immensely impact the student housing shortage as it will help accommodate 700 graduate students while providing affordable two-bedroom UC Davis student housing apartments. This is great news for graduate students at UC Davis as well as UC Davis students with families, as this new housing project will help accommodate them.

The project’s completion is on time with its planned completion, which is in the month of August, and will also feature various great benefits such as a recreation centre, various open spaces with beautiful old oak trees, and various amenities to cater to adults and children.

The site will also feature three buildings set to offer amenities and maintenance. The new UC Davis student housing project, US Davis Orchard Park, is located in the northwest corner of the UC Davis campus and will also be near the university’s recreation park, Hutchinson’s intramural field, and Trader Joe’s.

This project was made possible thanks to the CBG Building Company for Michaels Student Living and Bergelectric. These buildings were built sustainably and quickly using a “Prescient Structural Prefabricated System”. This meant that the building had pre-made elements, such as the building’s walls, which were made in the state of Colorado and later transported to be put together on site.

This pre-fabrication model also extended to advanced electrical equipment, which was ready to be integrated on-site. The building’s underground installations were assigned to TopCon, which had to work on these installations while putting the site’s native trees into consideration, which is also in line with the university’s “Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan”.

This project was established as a successor and a second phase to the partner’s previous project, “The Green at West Village”, operated by the UC Davis student housing and dining services, another UC Davis student housing project that offered 3,290 student beds as part of a nine-building complex.


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