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Major Immigration Changes Expected in Australia

clock iconCreated At:19 October, 2023
write iconCreated By:Samir Badawy

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In a recent AIEC conference, which hosted Minister Jason Claire, the Australian minister of education, various updates were revealed regarding the Australian education system and immigration laws. 

It has been the case that various misuses of the Australian student visa and malpractices by some educational agencies have affected the Australian education system’s integrity. This is why Australia’s Ministry of Education has been working for more than 18 months to reform the Australian education system and Australia’s immigration laws.


Throughout the years, many have been using the Australian student visa as a gateway to migrate to Australia without the intention of learning and have been using cheap institutions to secure their stay in Australia. 

On the other hand, various educational agencies have resorted to shady practices that use loopholes in the Australian immigration system. This has limited the chances of students who deserve an education by accepting applicants with no true learning intentions.

This, however, is not a general rule, as it was revealed that over 75% of international students studying in Australia are using education agencies, many of whom are law-abiding. They have had a tremendous impact on the education industry in Australia. 

However, many students have also misused certain loopholes and exploited students, especially by luring them away from their institutions, promising them work, and claiming unlawful commissions.

What is Being Done About This?

The Australian government is set to introduce a more complex immigration system, with Clare O'Neil, the Australian home affairs minister, stating on the 2nd of October, “The party is over. The roots and loopholes that have plagued this system will be shut down. This is the first of many announcements this week to restore integrity to international education and to our migration system." This was in response to the welfare and safety of students in Australia. 

To implement this plan, a new division is being created that focuses on immigration and compliance. It has received an initial funding of AUD 50 million and is set to ease up the complexities of the Australian immigration system.

Another major change that’s being made is the change to the proof of financial funds requirement being pushed to $24,000 and working hours for students being capped at 24 hours per week.

Are These Changes Beneficial for International Students?

These are, without doubt, positive changes that are set to benefit students, especially those looking for student housing in Australia. The Australian government recognises that many students exploit the system and use PBSA student accommodation to their advantage. Allocating PBSAs to deserving students will definitely help with the Australian student housing crisis through careful filtration. On the other hand, you will need to showcase higher financial means, and working hours will be capped at 24 hours.


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