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Leicester University Proposes a New Victorian Transformation

clock iconCreated At:14 January, 2018
write iconCreated By:Ola Elwassify

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Proposed plans are set to alter one of Leicester University's Victorian buildings into a university business school. The university aims at constructing a ‘world class’ facility on the seven-acre site. The project suggests building the new three-storey extension and the new lecture theatre after demolishing mid 20th Century extensions to the Victorian property.

A spokesman said: “The school will gain an attractive and unique identity and focus for students and staff within the School of Business with the Victorian House at Brookfield as the memorable centrepiece of the campus.” 

It is also expected that up to 750 students will use the new business school with 210 staff members. A council planning spokesman said that the remodelling will not demolish its historic assets; the Brookfield house was built in 1870 and was the former home of Thomas Fielding Johnson, the first town clerk of the New Corporation of Leicester in the 19th Century. This site was also utilized by the Red Cross during WWII and was turned into De Montfort University’s Charles Frears Nursing and Midwifery Campus. In 2013, the University of Leicester purchased it.

This development is a segment of the university's broader £500 million scheme to upgrade its properties.


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