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Ireland Attracts South Asians Amid Global Policy Changes

clock iconCreated At:09 April, 2024
write iconCreated By:Allaa Ashraf

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As the UK government reviews its Graduate Route visa, Australia imposes stricter English language requirements, and Canada sets up a temporary study permit cap, Ireland is emerging as an attractive destination for international students from Southern Asia.

In recent years, Ireland has witnessed a significant increase in the number of South Asian students, particularly from India, with over 7,000 students in 2023 compared to just 700 in 2013.

Education in Ireland, which is dedicated to promoting the country's higher education institutions overseas, has been heavily involved in organising education fairs across India to capitalise on this trend.

Stakeholders suggest that Indian graduates could fill the labour shortages in Irish companies. Additionally, students from Pakistan are also showing interest in Ireland's courses in data analytics, digital marketing, accounting, and nursing.

Ireland's appeal lies in its English-speaking environment, EU membership, and attractive offerings such as the government's GOIS Scholarships, economical fees, and simplified visa processes. However, despite its increasing popularity, there are challenges to overcome. The lack of brand awareness and a need for a more consistent visa policy are among the obstacles highlighted by stakeholders.

The Technological University of the Shannon has seen a rise in demand for its programmes, particularly from South Asian students. To attract students, merit-based scholarships, offering up to €4,000, are also available.

While South Asia has traditionally been a postgraduate-focused market, there is a growing interest in undergraduate study abroad programmes. South Asian students are attracted to fields like healthcare, engineering, science, information technology, business, art & design, and hospitality. Trinity College Dublin and other institutions are actively engaging with local schools and guidance counsellors to attract more undergraduate students from the region.

Despite the opportunities, challenges such as accommodation shortages have kept some South Asian students cautious. The Irish government's new global talent and innovation strategy aims to address these challenges and position Ireland as the preferred destination for international learners.


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