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Indian Business School to Launch New Campus in UK

clock iconCreated At:26 June, 2023
write iconCreated By:Allaa Ashraf

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CS P Jain's London School of Management has achieved a significant milestone as the first business school of Indian origin to receive the authority to award UK degrees. 

The Office for Students has granted the business school New Degree Awarding Powers specifically for its upcoming Canary Wharf campus. This exciting development means that undergraduate and MBA students can begin their programmes at the new campus starting in October 2023.

S P Jain expressed in a statement that the demand for UK education remains strong in the global market, and the establishment of their new London campus symbolises this growth.

Nitish Jain, President of the S P Jain School of Global Management, emphasised the school's belief that as businesses have expanded globally, business schools should also adopt a global approach. He highlighted the success of their campuses in prominent cities such as Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney, and described London as a logical extension of their global model.

Jain further emphasised the importance of individuals working in international teams, capitalising on global opportunities, and fostering networks worldwide.

While registered as a UK entity, the school is part of the Australian S P Jain School of Global Management family, which has its origins in India.

Although the school welcomes students from over 100 countries across all its campuses, it has expressed its primary focus on recruiting UK students at the beginning of the academic year.

S P Jain is renowned for its 12-month global MBA programme, which offers students the opportunity to study at its campuses in Singapore, Sydney, and Dubai for four months each. With the addition of the new London campus, students can now benefit from this expanded offering.

Jain explained, "Students from various countries will come to London to gain insights into British opportunities and practices. Likewise, our local students will have the opportunity to study in top Asian cities as part of their course here in London, broadening their understanding".


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