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Georgetown University's Henle Village Set to Be Expanded

clock iconCreated At:21 September, 2023
write iconCreated By:Samir Badawy

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Georgetown University’s already existing PBSA, Henle Village, has started undergoing renovation and expansion and is set to be completed by summer 2025 to accommodate students for the 2025–2026 academic year. This renovation project, a joint effort between American Campus communities and the university, began in May 2023. The planned expansion project is set to provide more sustainability as well as align with the university’s housing and sustainability goals. 

Dave Green, senior vice president and chief operating officer with Georgetown University, has issued the following statement regarding this project: “The transformative redevelopment of this centrally located residential community underscores Georgetown’s commitment to sustainability while meeting the demands of our 20-year campus plan reflecting the university’s academic and housing goals.” 

Dave Green also added: “The new and improved Henle Village will be a dynamic on-campus hub for Georgetown University students to study and build community together.” The end goal of this project also involves achieving LEED Platinum Qualification. Other members of this project will include RAMSA Robert A.M. Stern Architects, and John Moriarty & Associates.

To cope with the shortage, the GU hotel was repurposed as a PBSA and has been fitted with PBSA features such as bunk beds, drawers, and study areas. Students staying at the repurposed GU Hotel, however, did not have the necessary amenities typically found in PBSAs, which included Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, common rooms, and kitchens. With that said, the new Henle Village will provide the functionality, space, and amenities that students are looking for while offering apartment-style units.

Project Features

The Henle Village expansion project is set to be an on-campus accommodation, so it will be in close proximity to your campus. In addition, you will also have student lounges, wellness facilities, study areas, and green spaces. The communal facilities and spaces in the building will cover 15,000 square feet.


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