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Georgia Tech's New Student Housing Plan Approved

clock iconCreated At:20 February, 2023
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Georgia Tech has just announced that in order to support its strategic plan and comprehensive campus plans, which include improving student access to campus and the overall student experience, the university will begin a 117 million dollar project to fund a new Georgia Tech housing unit with 191,000 square feet and 850 beds. This is the first new building since 2005, after “10th” and “Home” were completed in the same year. 

The university has realised it needs to expand its student housing resources because it has to accommodate a significant number of students. The existing housing units necessary to meet the demand were getting old and had limited availability. Adding a new on-campus student housing unit is definitely a positive step for both the university and newcomers alike, as this new building will be exclusively for first-year students. 

Georgia Tech's Decision

To understand the university's decision, we need to go deeper into the strategic and comprehensive campus plans. Aside from Georgia Tech's plan to become a leader in research and technology by meeting new challenges and creating innovations, the university also aims to create a memorable study experience, hence the development of its strategic plan, which encompasses:

  • Having more impact

  • Being a leader of innovation and change

  • Having strong global connections

  • Giving its students equal access to education

  • Focusing on student well-being

  • Inspiring change as well as setting an example 

The university's strategic plan is a 10-year plan to improve your campus experience; this is based on the following:

  • Establishing a warm and welcoming campus environment to promote student growth.

  • Giving students ease of movement and promoting healthier habits such as walking and biking.

  • Ensuring student well-being by meeting the students' physical and environmental well-being.

  • Meeting the ever-changing campus trends enables the university to be a leader in research and academics by establishing a stable work environment and infrastructure strategies. To reach that goal, the university will always have to respond to the campus's needs.

  • Lastly, the university aims to keep being sustainable and abide by climate change action plans and goals.

New Property Features

In addition to the new Georgia Tech housing unit having over 850 beds, it will also feature all the university necessities that Georgia Tech students will need. This new residential unit will be located between the eighth and ninth streets, both on North Drive. It will contain various rooms, services, and support spaces to help students throughout their studies. These facilities and spaces will include learning areas, a variety of student lounges to meet up and mingle with friends, and a variety of shared kitchens to cook excellent meals with friends. The building's completion will be by 2026, and the university will provide more updates. 

According to Luolo Hong, the vice president of student well-being and engagement, the addition of this building will improve student access to the campus, enhancing the student's co-curricular experience, which is their lives besides their studies, and enhance their overall well-being.


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