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Freshers Festival China To Be Launched This Month

clock iconCreated At:14 March, 2022
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Freshers Festival Group is set to launch a new Fresher Festival China event in partnership with Homes for Students and China-Britain Business Council. 

Freshers Festival China is set to be the first event of its kind. The event will be taking place this March, and its main aim is to help Chinese students looking to study in the UK. It also aims to promote several universities, brands, and service providers. The event will also give students the necessary information on studying in the UK, acquiring a visa, travel arrangements, and UK student accommodation. 

The event is the product of a collaboration between multiple major groups invested in students and their education. The leading student accommodation provider in the UK, Homes for Students, is one of the partners overseeing this event. Alongside them are international student specialists, Expede International, and Freshers Festival Group, which have a 15-year history of running student events in the UK. The China-Britain Business Council, an organisation dedicated to promoting trade between both countries, is also a vital part of this collaborative event.

Homes for Students have commented on the planned event and expressed their thrill and excitement to be partnering with Freshers Festival Group on this. They also shared their eagerness to pass on their expertise and utilise their amazing support team to advise future students and residents on the great places to live and study in the UK, as well as inform them of the company’s various properties in the country. 

Freshers Festival Group also commented on their highly anticipated event by ensuring that they aim to create a space for students to interact and connect as well as with different brands and providers. The group added that they try to make education fun for students who attend their events. They also want to fill the post-pandemic information gap and provide students with the details they need to help them better prepare before heading to the UK to study.

Freshers Festival China is an overseas event that is set to be streamed via China’s largest social media platform, Weibo, with an estimated reach of 850 million users. 


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