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Facts about UK International Postgraduate Students’ Employability

17 September, 2017

Being a postgraduate student in a foreign country is not an easily travelled road. Whether you were an undergraduate at the same country and now you are planning on continuing your postgraduates’ studies, or you are fresh to the whole country and wanting to pursue a postgraduate degree, some factors need to be considered.

 It is noteworthy to mention that the International Alumni Job Network and analysis group Nielsen conducted a survey showing that 72% of international students studying in various countries, UK was included, were either satisfied or very satisfied with the return on investment from studying abroad. The 5,200 testimonials were collected from students in China, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

 Shane Dillon, the founder of IAJN, claims that imprecise anticipations for the recruitment procedure were what caused dissatisfaction. However, “An international education and the experience [of living] abroad is still a highly sought-after dream for many of the world’s students and education providers need to live up to the promise that an international education is a good investment,” said Dillon.

Students ensuring that they have applied to the right course, settling in a well-secured accommodation, well-aware of their financial situation are less likely to be dissatisfied with employability after graduation in the UK. Small and medium enterprises in the UK form more than 99% of its businesses. When applying for small, medium and large enterprises, students are advised to consider the culture they are most comfortable in, the location and the skills that they are going to enhance, rather than just accepting any job offer from a larger organization.

Being mentally prepared and not panicking during a job interview will increase your chances of finding a great job to start building a professional experience that counts.

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