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ETS: Home-Testing is The New Solution for Test Providers

ETS: Home-Testing is The New Solution for Test Providers

As safety concerns continue during the COVID-19 outbreak, English language testing centres around the world have temporarily shut down to ensure the safety of both test takers and staff.

On March 26, ETS announced the implementation of a new testing solution using a virtual human monitoring system to ensure that the process of examination is not interrupted as a result of the pandemic. 

ETS will now provide tests like TOEFL and GRE via a new temporary at-home option in certain countries like The United States, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong and Macau. The availability of this testing solution in other countries is expected within the coming weeks.

This home testing system applies under specific conditions only; otherwise, test takers will not be considered eligible to take the exams. These conditions include having the required equipment for the test and having the right environment at home with the same level of security and no interruptions, just like testing centres' conditions.

ETS has partnered with ProctorU to provide human monitoring at home through cameras while the test takers are sitting their exams. The tests are the same as the ones provided at the exam centres and are available at no extra cost. To take the test, test takers should register for a ProctorU account and select the date and the time of the test.

To make sure that the experience is validated, they will be asked to take the exam on a clear desk, with no headphones on, test takers will be informed they are going to be video recorded during the test (this isn’t optional). These measures are taken to deliver the most reliable, validated and trusted testing experience possible.

This ‘at-home’ testing solution is one of many smart options education institutions are creating to assist their students during these challenging times while depending on reliable virtual methods that are secure and applicable. 

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