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ESN UK and Casita Announce Exclusive Student Accommodation Partnership

clock iconCreated At:27 August, 2020
write iconCreated By:Casita Team

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Casita is delighted to announce its new partnership with Europe’s largest student association, Erasmus Student Network, United Kingdom (ESN UK). ESN provides support and guidance for tens of thousands of foreign students in the UK, one aspect of which is assisting students with accommodation whilst they study. Casita, an education-focused, tech-led student accommodation marketplace, has a substantial number of high-quality, purpose-built student accommodation options in all the university cities across the UK and together with ESN can reduce the burden for students of finding a place to live, from afar.

According to the HousErasmus report, almost two-thirds of European students (and in some countries, as many as 90%) book their accommodation by themselves, an additional pressure in organising their studying abroad. ESN has multiple sections across the UK and works with 23 universities; this partnership can help to bridge the gap between international offices and students and a shortfall of on-campus accommodation by offering high-quality off-campus alternatives, on one platform.

The partnership will benefit not only prospective inbound and outbound exchange students but full degree-seeking students, domestic students who are unable to secure university accommodation and students doing summer courses and internships. Students will be able to browse and book their accommodation with Casita through the ESN website with access to exclusive discounts, deals, packaged deals, and prize draws.

With ESN also operating as a non-profit organisation, the revenue it will raise through partnering with Casita goes directly back into providing support and events for exchange students and local volunteers. This includes their continuing development through training and internships that put them in the best possible place for employment upon graduation. The aim is to better achieve our mission statement and the six ESN causes of culture, education & youth, environmental sustainability, health & well-being, skills & employability and social inclusion.

Stephen Kingdon, Partnerships Manager at ESN UK, commented: “We believe that Casita aligns with our values at ESN and is filled with amazing, passionate people that we are excited to be working alongside to further benefit international students and provide safe and reliable places for them to stay across the world.”

Damaris Clark, Partnerships Manager at Casita, said: “We are really excited to partner with such a passionate, student-focused organisation such as ESN and believe that working together closely we can help to ease the pressure of finding accommodation in a new country.”


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