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English UK and RefuAid Join Forces

English UK and RefuAid Join Forces

In 2017, English UK, the national association of English language centres in the UK, signed a partnership agreement with RefuAid to help refugees continue their education proudly in the UK. This partnership was built to create a funnel for the funds coming from the Eddie Byers Fund campaign.

As a result of this partnership, more than 350 schools collaborated with RefuAid to support a noble cause. Anna Jones, RefuAid’s co-founder, expressed gratitude towards English UK’s member schools who have participated in making the life of refugee students a bit easier as they have provided a lifeline for those who’ve arrived in the UK seeking asylum to return to employment or higher education. 

Still, there are 1,500 people on the waiting list for education aid; therefore, English UK decided to renew the partnership to support and encourage the development of the program.  

Commenting on that, Jodie Gray, English UK’s chief executive, stated that the partnership between the two entities has proven to be meaningful. He also stated that “in an industry that was hit harder than most by the pandemic, 75 [member schools] continued to offer free tuition to RefuAid clients. As a result, 606 refugees have been able to get the certification they needed to get their professional qualifications recognised here or get into higher education.

Here is a list of RefuAid’s 2021 graduates from around the globe who had the chance to rebuild their life back thanks to RefuAid and their partners’ help.  


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