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Employability Increases to Double in New South Wales

clock iconCreated At:09 May, 2023
write iconCreated By:Hagar Samir

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International students now have the chance to learn about studying and post-work employability in selected areas in New South Wales, in which a system is now designed to help them understand more about the work system and how it operates. 

The Regional NSW Career Toolkit’s main aim is to help support the overall well-being and employability of students in hopes of supporting the New South Wales educational segment. 

Global Study Partners and Successful Graduate launched a free tool that is funded by Study NSW; it promotes an active online career preparation programme for students who want to travel to New South Wales, with the support of the University of Wollongong and Charles Sturt University.

Nicole Zabbal, director for Student Services and Partnerships at Global Study Partners, spoke at a launch event on April 27, saying that the process is designed to “help boost the employability of international students, promote their wellbeing and support the recovery of the New South Wales international education sector”. 

She added, “We know that employment outcomes play a critical role in international student interaction strategies, but they also act as a catalyst for broader economic outcomes,”

She also continues by saying, “The toolkit seeks to provide access to reliable information for international students to make informed course selection choices. It is a technology-enabled mechanism that helps decision-making on education pathways that lead to potential employment in regional skilled shortage areas,” 

According to Nicole Zabbal, there are two identified sectors on the GSP platform that are prepared: Allied Health and Information Technology in the Mid-North Coast region and Education and Allied Health in the Illawarra region. 

There is free access to Regional NSW Career Preparation Course both at UOW and CSU provided by Successful Graduate. The main aim is to help and support students who want to know more about what it means to study and have a career in the future. 

Gordon Scott, managing director of Successful Graduate, implicated that recently, the “concept of employability has really bubbled to the surface of the value proposition of the education industry to students”. 

The latest IEAA research discovered that finding jobs, career orientation, and employability are important concerns for all international students and graduates; it’s important to reassure students that they will find a place after graduation and that their future is secured. 

Scott remarked, “By working together with GSP and the broader course search function, there is an opportunity to develop this online training course in a version that will suit different institutions and different academic disciplines right across the country,” 

He added, “That’s the key part that we’re very excited about, and we’re keen to make that happen initially in New South Wales.” 

It’s important to mention that the project is also supported by ISANA International Education Association Inc. 


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