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COP26 Showcases Climate Commitments By Universities

clock iconCreated At:24 November, 2021
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This year witnessed a lot of changes in the recently held climate change conference, COP 26. The conference which focused on three scopes, including direct emissions, indirect emissions, and emissions from travel and services, announced that its ultimate goal is to not surpass 1.5 degrees of climate change.

Countries participating in the conference, including the UK, USA, China, Japan, Brazil, etc. all showcased their effort in reducing climate change as well as educating people about its deadly results. The conference also witnessed a presentation of multiple climate change reports submitted by universities and education entities around the world. 

As a result of THE climate impact forum, more than 1000 universities from 68 countries announced their commitment to reaching zero emissions by 2050. This includes the University of Glasgow, the University of Toronto, and Chiba University of Commerce, a Japanese university that intends to run on renewable energy by 2050. 

Furthermore, in the UK, Universities UK Climate Task and Finish Group announced that more than 140 universities have confirmed their commitment to reducing emissions by 78% by 2035.

Commenting on the new commitments, Professor Judith Petts, the Chairperson of the Universities UK Climate Task and Finish Group, said:

“There is no simple solution to the climate crisis, with every sector of the economy facing a different set of challenges. Universities are some of the most effective weapons in the UK’s climate and environmental armory.”


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