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Chinese Applicants at UK Universities Reach All-Time High

clock iconCreated At:21 August, 2019
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New data from UCAS 2019 reveals that the number of Chinese students looking to study in the UK has risen more than 30% since last year

What is UCAS? It stands for the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, which is an organization based in the UK responsible for applications to higher education institutions in the country.

New 2019 UCAS statistics have been released. The number of international students from China applying to attend their university years in the UK continues to grow. The report shows a 32% increase in China’s numbers, from 15,240 in 2018 to 19,760 total number of applicants this year. These figures mark China’s highest record so far, surpassing the number of international students from Northern Ireland (18,520 applications) for the very first time.

It was mentioned in the report that the actual number of Chinese applicants would be even higher since not all Chinese students applying for university in the UK depend on UCAS clearing results. Over the last decade, the number of Chinese students in the UK has increased more than twofold.

Clare Merchant, the chief executive at UCAS, expressed her delight with the results of the report: “The record proportions of disadvantaged students off to university, combined with the highest number of international students we’ve seen accepted at this point, is a testament to students’ hard work and the attraction of our world-class universities and colleges.”

“The global appeal of UK higher education has never been clearer, with record demographic-beating application rates in England and Wales, and the steep rise in international applications, especially from China,” she continued.


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