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Casita Partners with Amigos

clock iconCreated At:15 June, 2021
write iconCreated By:Casita Team

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Casita, the global student accommodation platform with more than 1 million rooms in 52 destinations, just signed a partnership agreement with Amigos, a private social network designed for students that allows them to network, socialise, initiate discussions, and create student-specific content. 

For students who are learning online or on-campus with social distance measures still in place, Amigos is giving you a chance to socialise virtually, no matter where you are! Through Amigos, you will be given a chance to meet new people, chat with them, and make new friends. Some of the features of the application include group chats, a marketplace, and a central hub for all events and relevant news.

This partnership will help Amigos act as an extra service to Casita students, helping them connect with other students even before arrival. Casita team will also share multiple tips and tricks to help students arrange their lifestyle abroad via the app. 

Casita is looking forward to assisting Amigos’ students with the best accommodation options no matter where they are studying. With Casita's global customer service teams, called Accommodation Experts, who are positioned across MENA, India, and Asia, each student will be guided through our 3 step process-  Explore, Discover, and Secure. 


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