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BSA Launches Specialist Immigration Service

clock iconCreated At:10 April, 2023
write iconCreated By:Allaa Ashraf

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BSA Group has introduced a new immigration service for its members in addition to its existing mock audit service.

The BSA Group has launched a new legal service to provide its members with discounted and free immigration legal support, including CAS support, due diligence checks, and mock UKVI audits. 

BSA Group Legal aims to help its schools holding UKVI sponsor status stay compliant and have access to legal guidance. The association has also announced a partnership with Verisio to offer a due diligence service that checks the financial and background details of independent schools that recruit international students. 


The new services aim to support compliance with sponsor duties and provide expert legal guidance to avoid costly mistakes.

The new legal service offered by BSA Group aims to simplify and reduce the burden of UKVI compliance for its member schools, allowing them to focus on providing the best experience to international students.  

The service includes various features, such as agent and guardian checks, bespoke immigration training and advice, support for individual student and family visa applications, and Home Office escalation support for issues like delayed application decisions, CAS reinstatement, and visa refusals. 

BSA Group Legal caters to all the schools' needs, from issuing CAS to checking compliance processes, and the legal team's expertise provides an integrated understanding of the boarding sector.


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