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Beaufort House into a Student Housing

clock iconCreated At:28 March, 2023
write iconCreated By:Hagar Samir

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Another student housing is being built after a building on New North Road in Exeter became vacant. This will provide additional 107 beds in the city centre.

Beaufort House, a former office building constructed in the late 1980s, is currently vacant; the plan is to have this building converted into 23 self-contained student flats. Adding these flats, there will be accommodation for extra 100 students. 

The planning officers of the Exeter City Council approved a change of use, which means that the building does not need to be presented to a committee of councillors first.

The building will be divided, where the ground and upper floors will be reconstructed into 21 student apartments and two studios, which in total will be 107 bedrooms. The basement will be turned into back-of-house facilities. A double bed and an en-suite bathroom will be provided in each room, exceeding the council's minimum space requirements!

“The proposed accommodation offers an alternative to returning students who might normally occupy shared houses”, the owners of Lexeter LLP remarked while talking about the planning application.

“Exeter University has a student population of over 27,000 students. It is recognised that both the university and its students have a positive impact on the local economy and the cultural and social vitality of the city. There are recognised benefits, to both student occupants and local residents, in providing accommodation in purpose-designed and managed accommodation. The proposed 107 student bedrooms in the scheme will help to reduce the number of students in unmanaged properties and potentially release housing back to local families”, they added. 

After approving the application, the planning officers said, “The site is considered to be a suitable location, on the edge of the city centre, with good public transport links and within walking distance of the university”.

This project is set to be managed by Campbell Property, which is already operating in Exeter, among other cities in the United Kingdom.


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