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Australia's Education Sector Is Heading Towards A Full Recovery

clock iconCreated At:11 March, 2022
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Based on data estimates compiled by Australian education marketing consultants, it’s suggested that the country’s education sector is heading towards a full recovery and will reach pre-pandemic enrolment levels within the upcoming 18 months.

Data experts, Studymove, analysed data across a number of platforms and issues, which showed how understanding the 2022 new global environment is a vital step to boost revenues and successfully execute recruitment strategies in the upcoming year.

While a huge drop in the number of primary student visa holders took place back in the latter half of 2021, from 307,954 to 254,915, data shows that this number has already bounced back significantly, with over 280,000 holders in Australia as of February 21 and with an expected increase to 286,723 by the end of this month.

The numbers so far have proven to be of a promising increase. There’s a notable surge of over 5,000 in the number of student visas lodged in the last quarter of 2021 compared to 2020. Breaking down the increase, China has bounced back and is now up 43% on numbers in 2020. India, on the other hand, had a drop of 27% in lodged student visas, which deems it a market segment in which Australia lost traction.

A right mix of both face to face and digital markets is what the high education sector needs to attract more students across various markets, Studymove recommends. Universities are urged to start using face to face marketing strategies, like in-person fairs, which are making a comeback this year post-pandemic, along with digital marketing strategies that include social media marketing, virtual fairs, search engine marketing, and student portals.

Thorough research and data analysis are also recommended as the Australian Higher Education Sector continues through 2022, with close observation to the number of student visas lodged, as well as precise and targeted recruitment strategies for a consistent increase in the number of international students. 

Also regarded as a rather positive consequence of the pandemic is the drop in the increase of universities’ annual fees, which have gone from a 5.4% back in 2018 to a mere 1.4% in the majority of institutions in 2022. Additionally, around 17 universities have decided against an increase in fees entirely. 

Scholarships offered to international students are set to stay implemented throughout the academic year of 2022-2023.


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