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Australia: “No Quarantine for Singaporean Students”

clock iconCreated At:11 November, 2021
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After confirming the agreement with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, stated: “Australia is slinging its doors open to fully vaccinated Singaporean travellers in November”.  

Starting from the 21st of November, Singaporeans will not be required to quarantine before entering Australia upon an agreement made earlier between the two countries. This agreement opens the doors to thousands of students and business people who have been waiting for Australia to allow visitors again. Visitors must have a visa, a negative PCR and proof of vaccination with an approved vaccine by the Australian authorities. . 

The agreement is only for Singaporeans living in Singapore as the agreement is made upon the vaccinations system conducted in Singapore only. This means that if a Singaporean was to leave the country of residence, which is not necessarily Singapore, he/she must follow a 2-week quarantine process on arrival. 


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