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Australia and Canada Top Study Destinations for Students

clock iconCreated At:24 October, 2023
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Canada has always been a favourite for international students wanting to study abroad because of the many universities and affordable cost of living. However, according to research by IDP, over the past years, Australia has also become very popular as a study destination for students.

On the other hand, there has been a lot of talk about the quality of education in the UK, and some think that it has declined a lot over the last six months.

Research has shown that Australia has been gaining around 2% more students who are choosing it as a preferred study destination; this has increased the country’s popularity with international students. Canada has declined compared to past years, but it’s still one of the top choices.

In third place sits the UK, with over 22% of students naming it as their first choice destination, and the USA follows with around 19%. These are according to IDP, which has surveyed over 10,000 international students from 98 different countries.

Students stated that the quality of education is the most important factor when choosing a place to study. The UK, the USA, and Canada were not rated as highly as they were before on a survey conducted in March 2023.

Australia is the only country that students fixated on while talking about the quality of education, which is why it’s now growing in popularity.

After the quality of education, the opportunities for employment are the second most important factor for students, with Australia being the top choice one more time, followed by Canada and the USA. When it comes to post-study work visa policies, Canada takes first place.

CEO of Universities Australia, Catriona Jackson, has stated that Australia “needs more international students to help with the skill shortages we are seeing right across the economy”.

“The government’s new migration strategy must enable more of these talented people to remain in Australia and use their Australian education in the area they have studied when there is a clear need for their skills,” she added.

Students in the UK have reported the lowest satisfaction rates among the four top study destinations. The USA was the best destination when it came to student fulfilment.

Simon Emmett, the IDP Chief Executive Officer, gave a warning that the UK won’t be able to rely on its reputation for high-quality education soon. 

“Global competition between destination countries for international students remains high, and the impact of perceptions of post-graduation opportunities, or lack of opportunities, continues to impact student choice,” Emmett stated.

He also added, ”The sector must come together to promote the UK effectively by better highlighting the holistic appeal of our universities and reinforcing a broader set of reasons why students should choose the UK.” 

He thinks it’s “essential to protect” the important policies students look for, such as the graduate visa route. 

“Promoting the UK and highlighting the contributions that international students make to universities is a top priority for the organisation.” Jamie Arrowsmith, director of Universities UK International, stated. 

In addition, 45% of students who took the survey said that safety was also a key consideration. And 43% expressed that supporting international students was a key deciding factor.


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