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NSW Abandons Arrivals Cap and Quarantine

clock iconCreated At:24 October, 2021
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With the vaccination rates nudging to 80% of the domestic adult population, the New South Wales government has finally announced that the Australian state will open its doors to fully vaccinated travelers starting the 1st of November, including, of course, students.

New South Wales (NSW) premier Dominic Perrottet stated: “We have reached this vaccination milestone quicker than anyone thought we could,” he said, adding that the return of international visitors would be “a significant boost for the economy.” 

 International flights will resume from the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, and Singapore. This long-awaited change is expected to encourage a huge boost in the education sector as many students who have been waiting for the chance to start their educational journey in Australia will have the opportunity to do so.

Upon arrival, students’ documentation will be manually processed to ensure that they have been fully immunized with appropriately recognized vaccinations. To accelerate the process, the Australian Border Forces started developing an automated vaccine passport entry system earlier this month, and it should be ready soon.  

Students who have been fully vaccinated will not be required to quarantine in a hotel for 14 days. Instead, they will be asked to quarantine at home for only 7 days before moving forward with their daily lives normally. Sources have also stated that the government is studying the possibility of abolishing caps for vaccinated travelers, which means there will be no limits to the daily number of arrivals. 


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