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Casita Partners with

Casita Partners with

Created At:08 June, 2021
Created By:Casita Admin
Updated At:

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In April 2021, Casita, the student accommodation marketplace, partnered with, a leading global student recruitment marketplace. is well-known for supporting internationally mobile students through a trusted SaaS-based marketplace that connects the world’s institutions, recruiters, and service providers.

In 2018, Ryan Trainor, Victor Rajeevan, Richard Uren, and Lincoln Trainor founded when they identified a fundamental problem in the international education market - there is no efficient, reliable way for institutions, recruiters, and students to find and transact with each other. 

Since its formal market launch less than 12 months ago,’s two-sided marketplace has experienced rapid adoption. With headquarters in Australia and Singapore, they have opened offices in the UK, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.  Currently, the company has signed more than 1,100 partnerships with institutions and 3,000 recruiters, across all major study destinations and source markets.

To add to its services, joined hands with Casita to offer student accommodation solutions on its marketplace. Established in 2016, Casita is well-known for its constant growth as a marketplace that covers all types of student accommodation, whether it be Purpose Built Student Accommodation, private lets, Coliving, and shared housing solutions. Throughout 2020, Casita increased its student accommodation stock to over one million rooms in over 60 countries. 

This partnership between the two companies will allow to recommend Casita’s service to its students through an integration to a customised web experience presenting a geographically matched listing close to their chosen University, enabling students to interact with Casita’s Accommodation Experts to find the best room.

Leigh Pulford, Chief Marketing Officer of Casita said:
“We at the Casita family couldn't be more delighted to partner and API integrate with, a truly student-centric company with some of the best tech we have seen across the student recruitment marketplace players. With both and Casita having great alignment on student experience and always pushing the boundaries on creating a perfect student journey, Casita will be supporting and guiding placed students to find the perfect room, within their budget and close to their institution, anywhere in the world!'”

Chris Grannell, Chief Product Officer, commented: 

“Our mission is to help students make confident decisions through a trusted platform that connects the world’s institutions, recruiters, and service providers. This includes presenting the right options when it’s time to think about where they will live while studying abroad. The integration of Casita’s impressive global inventory of quality accommodation solutions is an important step in realising that vision.”

“This partnership with Casita marks the opening of our marketplace to essential services at every stage of a student’s study abroad journey. We are still in the early days, but the uncertainty and confusion students are currently experiencing about their international education journey due to COVID-19 emboldens us to continue to democratise access to quality options and create transparency for students globally. We’re thrilled to be partnered with Casita on this journey.”

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