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Accommodation at Wolfson College Receives Approval

clock iconCreated At:29 March, 2023
write iconCreated By:Passant Mohamed

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Oxford's Wolfson College was recently given approval from the city council to build new three-story student accommodation on its current Linton Road site.

About 70% of the college's students will be able to live on-site thanks to the new building, which aims to house 50 students who have been "displaced within the city's private housing market".

Planning officers have guaranteed that students won't be allowed to park their cars on the site, despite worries expressed by a local resident about increased traffic and pollution. Instead, there will be only three parking spaces instead of 35, two of which will be accessible spots. The third spot will be designated as a drop-off point.

The college also promised to protect the River Cherwell, which serves as a bat habitat, without any artificial illumination.

Additionally, the three parking spots will be placed on an area of the lawn to the west of the building, and the proposed building will not be attached to any of the existing Grade II listed college campus buildings.

The council committee considered the project to be a "more efficient use of the site" as it will make private accommodation, currently used by students, accessible to the public. Also, landscaping improvements will be made.

This new project will benefit both the local community and the students.


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