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22-story PBSA Terrazul near FIU, topped out by AARE Sunbelt.

clock iconCreated At:18 April, 2023
write iconCreated By:Samir Badawy

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AARE Sunbelt was pleased to announce recently that the 22-story housing project Terrazul has been topped out. Topping out is when a construction project reaches its maximum height, and the last building beams are placed. The Terrazul student housing building will be completed by next year's second quarter.

This new student housing project will be near Florida International University's campus, which is ideal for students attending this nearby university, in addition to the building providing 932 units and 1,201 beds. The building will have unique features, including retail areas with a surface area of 15,422 ft². The building also features a library and an indoor/ outdoor study area which is ideal for students looking for a nice place to study.

Additionally, the property will also feature 647 parking areas, a lounge to meet up and mingle with your flatmates and neighbours, an on-site gym to stay healthy, and an outdoor swimming pool.

The rooms available at Terrazul will be studios, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and four-bedroom apartments. The studios and one-bedroom apartments offer maximum privacy by having all your necessities, such as a private kitchen/kitchenette and a living area/space.

The studio, however, is more compact than the apartment and has more of an open-plan layout. However, the two and four-bedroom apartments must share some amenities with flatmates, such as the living area and kitchen; depending on the apartment arrangement, it can also include sharing the bathroom. 

AARE Sunbelt, an affiliate of developers Adam America Real Estate and JW Capital Management, spearheaded the project. The project featured Niles Bolton Associates, the architects, and Coastal Construction Group, the general contractor.


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