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Your Student Shopping List for the New Semester

Your Student Shopping List for the New Semester
Created By: Noha Hatataon 06 January, 2021

Starting a new semester in university is both exciting and cheerful. It is a new beginning after the holidays, and you have recharged your batteries. To prepare for the new semester, students usually focus on buying new stationery, but this semester is a little bit different since universities are still alternating between online learning and face to face learning. Here is a list of the new semester shopping list to make sure you have fun this semester.

Cheerful Notebooks with Quotes:

Invest in new cheerful notebooks; some notebooks have great motivational quotes and colours that will surely put a smile on your face every time you study.

Planners and Calendars:

While studying online, sometimes you can still lose track of your assigned tasks, homework or additional activities. Get yourself a cute planner to keep track of all your upcoming projects. Additionally, a wall calendar is perfect for reminding yourself of your deadlines and upcoming fun events to look forward to!


Most universities have printing services, but if you do not wish to wait for your turn to print your documents, it is great to invest in your own personal printer. You can get your papers printed in an instant, or get a physical copy of the new worksheets with no hassle.

Folding Tray Desk:

These tray desks are amazing for studying and working on your laptop while feeling cosy on your favourite sofa or chair. You don't have to sit uncomfortably to write your homework or work on your computer. 

Bonus point: You can use it to eat breakfast at your favourite spot and feel fancy!

New Wireless Earphones:

If you've never tried wireless earphones, then it's time to try this great technology. They are perfect to use for your online classes, video chat and listening to basically anything without having to sit for hours stuck to a screen or being too loud for your roommates. Wireless earphones are the perfect gadget for this semester!

Fun Face Masks

Don't forget to stay safe and keep your distance from crowds at your university or public places. Get yourself some cool face masks with prints or quotes on to complete your look while you're at the campus.

Preparing for a new semester and a new year is a very exciting activity, especially if you have been away from social activities. It gives us the chance to look forward to a new beginning and hope for the future.

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