Where to Grab a Coffee in Melbourne

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Amal Ahmed

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17 May, 2019

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It’s no secret that Melbourne coffee roasters take their coffee very seriously and that's why coffee shops there are renowned for being among the best cafes in the world. They are known for their passion to pursue beans of the greatest quality. The Melbourne coffee culture is constantly impressing on a global scale.

Get ready for an upgrade in your morning coffee ritual if you’re studying in Melbourne.

Here are our picks to grab the best coffee in Melbourne:

1. Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters

Seven Seeds Melbourne is a venture project from one of the city’s coffee geniuses Mark Dundon. The coffee shop is a huge hit with locals as well as visitors. It is located in an area where you will find many fellow students hanging out. The warehouse where its at is located just north of downtown on Berkeley Street, Carlton. If you prefer a fruity taste to your coffee, the Seven Seeds Espresso Blend is perfect, while the Golden Gate Blend offers a delicious caramel taste. The Seven Seeds menu has something for everyone. Your snack? Their espresso-infused French toast is out of this world, sided with chocolate soil, espresso crumb, and berry coulis.

2. Patricia Coffee

Giving off the vibe of a little cafe in Europe, Patricia Coffee is among the best cafes in Melbourne. The exceptional coffee at Patricia has been named the “best coffee in Australia” a while back via a Yelp survey. The coffee shop had very humble beginnings as it started out from a lawyer’s office, eventually expanding to what it is today. The cafe is located at the corner of Little Bourke Street and is definitely Melbourne’s best-kept secret. The coffee shop is known among residents for roasting its own coffee beans and producing coffee of the highest standard. This little cafe in Melbourne is an experience you don’t want to miss while living in the city.

Patricia Coffee

3. Dukes at Ross House

This grab-and-go Aussie coffee shop made ‘speciality coffee’ their mission in life. The beans are roasted a few miles away from the coffee shop by eco-friendly Dukes Roasting Company. Creativity and innovation in the process of brewing coffee are what they do. You will find unique seasonal coffee blends of black as well as milky espresso-based coffees. A batch-brewed filter is also available and if your preference is American iced coffee, theirs is excellent too. Dukes Coffee will become your favourite little spot for your Melbourne coffee fix.

4. Market Lane Coffee

Another legendary coffee place, Market Lane Coffeeis all about single-origin coffee. Small batches of the coffee are roasted right there in the busy Prahran Market. Their Seasonal Espresso blend is quite amazing. However, coffee addicts will sure want to take in the unique experience of this place by choosing the single-origin that perfectly fits their needs. Take your time and chat with the staff; they enjoy sharing the story behind each and every cup.

Melbourne coffee shops

5. Brother Baba Budan

The name really catches your attention. The coffee shop actually pays tribute to a merchant by the name of Baba Budan, who did smuggle seven fertile coffee seeds from Yemen to India in the 17th century. He helped with introducing coffee to the world. Brother Baba Budan opened in 2003 and as soon as you enter, you will notice the seats on the ceiling. It’s not just the decoration of the shop that’s perfect, the coffee is a Melbourne flavour that will satisfy your taste buds. The venture is actually part of the Seven Seeds. They serve the Seven Seeds Espresso Blend as well as delicious single origins.

In sum, the city has a determination to continue researching and learning all the best brewing methods and the result is unmatched coffee heaven. Drinking coffee is an art, so tell us about your favourite artistry coffee blends.


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