What Should You Ask at a College Fair?

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Reem Mohamed

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07 June, 2022

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Planning out your path after high school is an important milestone in every student’s life. You often wonder about which field to major in, which college or university to enrol in, and what suits both your needs and your budget. This is where college fairs come in. College fairs give you the opportunity to inquire about programs, tuition, and student life, among other details that help you make the right decision.

What Is a College Fair?

College Fairs are time-saving opportunities for students, as well as parents, to gather information about a number of colleges and universities in a single day. At a College Fair, there are representatives from colleges, universities, and technical schools that are there to answer all of your questions and assist you in making this decision.

How to Prepare for a College Fair?

Once you hear about an upcoming college fair, it’s best to start preparing for it right away so you can seize this opportunity to speak to representatives and learn more about your top choices. You should first start by visiting the fair’s official website to see which colleges will be present there and highlight which booths to spend the most time at. Having a pre-written list of the questions you need to ask is also important so you don’t forget anything during the event. Bring a pen and paper to take notes and always take the materials they offer at the booth, they’ll probably come in handy later. When you arrive at the college fair, get a map and see where the colleges that are at the top of your list are located. Talk to different representatives and find out what makes each college stand out and which colleges cater the most to your needs and priorities. Many schools have information sessions before the fair that you can attend and learn about things that may not be discussed during the fair. 

What Should You Ask at a College Fair?

Before you make your way to a college fair, you need to prepare a list of questions that will help you filter through available colleges and universities, and ultimately, make a decision about where you’re enrolling. Your questions should include inquiries about financial aid, general admission, academics, extracurricular activities, campus life, and life post-graduation. We, at Casita, have compiled a list of essential questions you should ask at a college fair. 

Financial Aid

Students and parents often rule out certain colleges or universities due to financial constraints. This is why it’s important to ask representatives about the financial support offered at each school. You should also ask about scholarships, deadlines, and the overall additional costs you’ll need to cover if you enrol there. Here are some questions to get the conversation started:

  1. What financial aid programs does the college have?

  2. What is the average amount of the financial aid package awarded to students at the university?

  3. Are there separate deadlines for admission and scholarship applications?

  4. Can you tell me about other fees and costs to be covered in addition to tuition?


Before applying to a college or university, you need to familiarise yourself with their admission criteria, their required scores, and which majors are more competitive than others within the school itself. Below are a couple of questions you can ask about that:

  1. What are the minimum required scores for SAT/ACT/other equivalent high school tests for applicants to apply to this university?

  2. Are there any specific requirements for certain programs at the university?

  3. Are certain majors more competitive to gain admission to than others?

  4. What is the percentage of applicants that get accepted to the university?


Most of the information about a college or a university’s available departments and divisions, as well as fields, majors, and degree programs should be available on their websites. However, some details should be asked about in person in order for you to get the full picture. We have some questions for you to go through regarding this topic:

  1. Does your school offer a major/minor program? If so, can you tell me about it?

  2. What program(s) is the school most noted for?

  3. Does the college offer any special programs like independent study, study abroad, etc?

  4. How do first-year students choose their classes?

On-campus Accommodation, Extracurricular Activities, and Campus Life

Engaging in social activities on campus during your time as a student is an important aspect to consider. You should know beforehand if the school you’re enrolling in has a robust campus life with renowned clubs and organisations, as well as sports and fitness programs, on-campus services and accomodation, and other activities that will help you advance in more ways than just academically. Here are some of the questions to get the conversation started:

  1. Does this university have [name of club/organisation/activity]?

  2. What do students at the university usually do during their free time?

  3. Do many students live off-campus?

  4. Is there on-campus accommodation?

  5. Is there a sports complex or fitness centre?


Ensuring you get a good job and set off on a respectable career path post-graduation is also an important thing you should inquire about during the college fair. We have a list of questions for you to ask representatives:

  1. Is there job placement help/career services for enrolled students and graduates?

  2. What do most graduates from the university go on to do?

  3. How big/helpful is the alumni network on campus?

  4. I want to do [job/career field] after college, is there something at the university that could help me pursue that?

Asking the right questions to representatives at a college fair is the first step in making your decision and choosing the right college or university to enrol in. Find your nearest college fair happening soon, prepare your list of questions, and embark on your journey to find the ideal college or university for you! 


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