UK's Black Friday Shopping Festivity Guide

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Ola Elwassify

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15 November, 2017

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On September 24, 1869, rebel speculators Jay Gould and Jim Fisk deliberately attempted to control the nation’s gold market; they created a network of corruption and when the conspiracy was finally unravelled it became known as the “Black Friday”. In the 19th century, the day after Thanksgiving was the unofficial start of the Christmas season. The last Thursday in November was designated by President Lincoln as the Thanksgiving Holiday. Retailers began to start their discounts at this time of the year so they can turn a profit.

Accounting-wise, losing money is called being “in the red” because accountants use red ink to show negative figures/losses. Positive amounts, on the other hand, were usually written in black ink, so the term “in the black” means that there are profits. As a result, the Friday after Thanksgiving’s Thursday is called the Black Friday because retailers try to make money before the year ends. In other words, they want to turn their red ink into black. Online retailers, in accordance, slash their prices on the Monday after Thanksgiving just like what the traditional shops do on Black Friday, and it’s called the Cyber Monday.

Lately, the Black Friday became an important date in the British shopping calendar, as it is viewed as the best opportunity to buy Christmas gifts, gaming consoles and gadgets on discounts. This year’s day of deals falls on Friday the 24th of November. Cyber Monday- Black Friday’s digital version- will be on Monday 27th of November. International students use this big day to buy their loved ones back home UK souvenirs and gifts. The whole UK invests in buying the things they need when the discounts hit the British market.

Despite the fact that these holidays are a one-day one, many shops launch their deals before the big day and extend the discounts for a few more days. Amazon, the gigantic online seller, has already started releasing its Black Friday offers and deals.

How to shop smart on the big day?

  1. Research before heading to any shop/store, and make sure that you have reviewed the desired item on different websites and compared the prices thoroughly to get the best deal there is.
  2. Set a budget for the items you would like to buy, and to do this the right way, list these items after researching the best discounts on them. Have a figure in mind you are willing to spend and fit your items into your budget.
  3. Consider your paying options and do not put yourself in debt. Some items are better paid by the credit card to provide you with an extra layer of protection, but keep yourself guarded against falling for future debts, no matter how the discounts are seductive.
  4. Use vouchers to cut high delivery fees when ordering a cheap item online. Vouchers can bring the cost of your shopping basket down further.
  5. Avoid queues and mid-aisle hassles in shops and consider online shopping when possible.
  6. Groups get better deals, so do not go alone. Instead, arrange to go on an errand with the friends living in the student accommodation as you are.

But ………. Which shops offer deals during Black Friday?

The following retailers have announced their participation in the shopping festivity:

  • Argos
  • ASOS
  • Boots
  • B&Q
  • Mothercare
  • Currys
  • Samsung
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Acer
  • eBay
  • Reebok Store
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Groupon
  • La Redoute
  • Very
  • New Look
  • Zalando

What time does it kick off?

If you are an online shopper, expect most of the bargains to appear at midnight, so be a night-owl shopper and surf the internet. Further, the UK’s high street retailers will open at 6 am to unveil their discounted products. But remember what was mentioned earlier: retailers like Amazon, Argos and Currys will have deals throughout November so keep an eye on them.


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