Top Documentaries to Watch During the Lockdown

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Noha Hatata

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28 May, 2020

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Are you feeling bored during the lockdown? Tired of listing all the things you can’t do? Maybe you’ve read a lot of books, binge-watched your favourite series and even painted a fruit bowl but now you can’t find something interesting to do next? Pick a documentary then. 

Documentaries are a great way to spend your time at home; they are visual books that take you to a different world from the comfort of your student accommodation. They are divided into multiple types as well.

Biography Documentaries :

Great people with brilliant minds can impress us in many ways. Learning about the lives of the most influential people in the world is a sure way to entertain and inspire you. Some of the popular biography documentaries include: 

1.Who was Albert Einstein

Watch this documentary if you would like to learn more about Albert Einstein. Well-known for his theories in physics and the philosophy of science, this Nobel Prize winner had an outstanding journey of achievements and discoveries. He was a German scientist whose equations changed the world.

2. The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo

An extraordinary Mexican artist in the 20th century and an inspiration to many, Farida Kahlo’s life was not a simple life of a painter. It was a revolution of art and political identities. Frida led a tough life filled with pain and suffering, but she still became a legend. Watch this documentary to learn about Frida Kahlo’s intriguing life.

Scientific Documentaries:

Your busy everyday life might have distracted you from learning more about nature, astronomy, physics discoveries and many other fields that you don’t usually focus on. However, now you have the time to learn more about the mysteries of science and how the world operates around us through scientific documentaries. 

1. The Search for a New World:

Are we alone in the world? Do you know that the earth is just a tiny grain of sand in a gigantic beach? Our solar system is not unique in the universe; outer space has infinite and uncountable numbers of planets and stars. Learn more about this by watching this free documentary. You can also browse through the videos on this Youtube channel: Free Documentary. It has various documentaries and videos about science and astronomy to binge watch for free.

2.  AIR RESCUE - How Airbus Helicopters Are Made:

Aircraft are miraculous! We don’t usually stop and think about how those vehicles can fly us around the world or help us with rescue and security. This helicopter engineering documentary is fascinating and free to watch. You can also enjoy watching other free documentaries about history, manufacturing and space on Welt documentary channel on Youtube.

3. Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

Are you curious about how viruses affect the world, and how health workers provide care and safety to their patients while risking their lives? This documentary series on Netflix was released in January 2020 just before the COVID-19 outbreak. It outlines everything you need to know about pandemics. 

Documentary Director

Art Documentaries:

Art is not only limited to painting, but it is also a vast umbrella of all the beautiful ways humans choose to express themselves, whether it’s drawing, painting, fashion design, dancing, architecture, etc. In fact, art and science are representatives of the world’s history. In our busy everyday lives, we forget to stop and admire the beauty of art now and then, but here are some inspiring art documentaries to enjoy:

1. Jim Carrey: I Needed Color

Colours have healing powers; the great actor Jim Carrey is a multi-talented artist who knows the healing powers of art. To recover from a broken heart, Carrey worked on his art for healing and self-expression. Watch this beautiful short documentary for free and enjoy seeing Jim Carrey talk about his journey. 

2. A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

The Metropolitan is one of the grandest museums in the world. It includes an impressive wide collection of paintings, sculptures and unimaginable masterpieces that enchant viewers of all cultures. The Metropolitan is considered to be a big encyclopedia of art. Enjoy this free documentary filmed by Great Museum Television.

3. Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Ever wondered when did art start? Art is an ancient form of expression as old as ancient Egypt. Whether it is architecture, paintings, sculptures or jewellery making, ancient Egyptian art started it all. It is simply magical and impressive. You can learn more about ancient Egyptian art history by watching this great BBC documentary series hosted by Alastair Sooke. Follow BBC website to know the next airing date. 


Travel Documentaries:

With all travel plans cancelled, it doesn’t seem like your next vacation is this month at least. This doesn’t mean you can’t explore the world while you’re at home, though. Here are some excellent travel documentaries to help you enjoy the benefits of travel without money. 

1. Moroccan Travel documentary

Karl Watson is a traveller who likes to travel and document all his adventures. He travelled around the world, drove  a car through the desert and even walked through tropical jungles. Through his documentaries, you can experience the joys of travelling and maybe get inspired for your next trip after the restrictions are lifted. Try watching this Moroccan Travel documentary, a 2 episode documentary to enjoy the sights of the desert and Marrakesh incredible architecture. Another series you should check out from this traveller is the Africa documentary Series where you can see the amazing African culture, nature and impressive wild animals.

Finally, after watching these documentaries, you will surely get excited and inspired to explore new aspects of life. Being confined is not easy, but in the age of technology, staying at home can be productive and fun; seizing the opportunity to invest in yourself is now possible when you have free time at home!


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