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Top 5 Study Spaces in Melbourne

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Noha Hatata

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19 March, 2020

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3 mins read

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Studying in Melbourne is a great experience being a coastal city of the Southeastern Australian state of Victoria, known for its beautiful beaches, thriving art scene and great educational institutions. If you want to change your regular study place, whether you're working alone or with friends, check out this list of the top 5 study spaces we love in Melbourne:

1- The State Library of Victoria 

Victoria Library

The State Library of Victoria is a historical library established in 1854 in Melbourne. Melbourne public library is free for everyone; it has an enormous collection of books, great programmes, online resources, rich materials, manuscripts, maps, and newspapers. The seating options are plenty, with many halls to enjoy according to the work you need to do, whether it is just reading or working on a design project, you can choose your spot and enjoy! You will find desks with power plugs, reading halls, group seatings, internet access, and printing services. The library is just like a busy beehive with people meeting up, working, reading, and studying. It is a perfect setting to get motivated and focus on studying. 

Our favorite hall is "La Trobe Reading Room", a beautiful space with marvelous architecture that was inspired by the British Museum in London and Washington's Library of Congress. The long reading desks inside have green glass light shades, and beautiful, glorious white dome walls, and the atmosphere are sure to set the mood for focused reading. Need a boost? You can enjoy refreshing coffee and treats at Mr Tulk café and Guild café on-site. To explore The State Library of Victoria and all the services available, click this link.

2- The Soap Bar Launderette

Do you like multi-tasking? You can do your laundry, drink the best coffee in town and finalize your assignment all at once when you visit the Soap Bar Laundrette, a fascinating laundry place integrated with a small coffee bar where you can wait for your laundry to be done and use your time to work. We love how creative this place is; they make great hot-chocolate, golden waffles, snacks and coffee; they provide Wi-Fi access too. The Soap Bar Launderette is undoubtedly your go-to when you need to work on your time management skills and satisfy your sweet tooth.

3- Melton Library

This place is a beautiful green library, the first library in Australia that achieved the five-star Greenstar rating for environmental sustainability. 40% of the library's interior is made from recycled materials. This huge building has a beautiful modern design with high ceilings and glass windows that let natural light in; it makes you feel as if you are one with nature and also cuts a lot of energy consumption. At Melton Library you can book a meeting room for project work, use their recording and editing studios to finalize a digital assignment, or just choose one of the work desks where you can unwind and focus on getting your studies done. You can learn more about Melton Library by following this link.

4- WeWork Co-Working Space

Co-working space

If you would like a professional environment where you can work on your important projects, meet up with your colleagues and achieve your goals; WeWork is the perfect place for you. WeWork Shared Workspace Melbourne is a co-working space with various options of individual desks, meeting rooms, group work areas, outdoor spaces and event spaces. The atmosphere is calm, cosy, inspirational and vibrant. Studying here, you will have access to facilities like high-speed internet, printing, and a coffee bar where you can grab your refreshments or even complimentary drinks!

The balcony terrace is stunning; you get to enjoy the view of the city in a fresh, sunny environment while working on your projects. At WeWork, you will be surrounded by many other motivated students and young entrepreneurs with their laptops and charts working their way to achieving their dreams. 

5- Twenty & Six Espresso 

A great atmosphere, creative food menu, mouthwatering desserts and speciality coffee is everything you need to treat yourself while studying. You can use this cosy place to study, relax and read. It is a quiet sanctuary away from the busy streets that will make you love working on your next project.

The cafe has both indoors and outdoors areas where you can enjoy the greenery and get inspired for your next paper. Twenty & Six Espresso uses fresh seasonal products in their delicious menu, with all the ingredients you need to power up your brain. Dogs are welcome in the outdoor area as well, so don't shy away from bringing your furry friend along. 

Remember, studying doesn't have to be boring! When you choose the right environment that stimulates your mind and suits your personality, it will make a difference to your grades and achievements. Finding your study spot is essential; whether that's a library, a park, or your favourite coffee shop, doesn't matter, as long as it keeps you happy, accomplished and gives you the chance to be as productive as possible.


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