Students Areas in Cardiff: A Comprehensive Overview

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Aiten Nadeem

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17 April, 2024

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Student Housing

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Are you a prospective student embarking on your academic university journey in the United Kingdom? Cardiff is the place for you if you're interested in an exceptional academic experience. It boasts prestigious universities, academic institutions, and a vibrant cultural scene. However, students tend to struggle to find the right place to call home. The process can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know much about the city or which neighbourhoods you should avoid.

Fear not, as we have listed the best student areas in Cardiff, giving you a comprehensive guide to each area and describing its atmosphere. We know what a crucial decision this could be: finding a suitable home that matches your preferences and budget to call home during your study. We believe that by the end of our article, you’ll pretty much have an idea of where you want to live.

Students Cardiff

Unveiling Cardiff’s Student Hubs

Cardiff caters to a wide range of student personalities, with each neighbourhood offering a distinct combination of character, convenience, and cost. Below is a breakdown of the most popular student neighbourhoods:

Students Cardiff

Cathays (Morningside) 

Cathays is one of the most popular areas for students to live in and is often nicknamed "Morningside.” The area is the heartbeat of student life, with a vibrant nightlife and over 12,919 students. It’s perfect for students seeking a memorable experience while getting a high-quality education, as the area boasts an abundance of restaurants, cafes, and student accommodation options. From the vibrant, youthful atmosphere to the buzzing nightlife, Cathays is the right place to immerse yourself.  

On the other side of the coin, the area tends to be a little noisy, has very limited green spaces, and has high rental prices for Cathays student accommodation compared to other areas. That is all thanks to its amazing qualities, which make Cathays an area of high demand for students to live in.

  • Rental Range (Approx.): Studios - 800–£1,200+/month; One-Bedroom Apartments - 1,000–£1,500+/month

  • Commute: Cardiff University is located in the centre of Cathays, so you can easily walk to campus. Cycling to the city centre would take 5–10 minutes.

Adamsdown and Roath 

Seeking a perfectly balanced atmosphere with an abundance of nature and great transportation links?

Unlike Cathays, Adasmdown and Roath offer the ideal answer to such a complicated equation with their relaxed, laid-back aura. You will find a mix of young professionals and students in this area, creating the perfect balance for students. If you grew up within natural surroundings and want to feel like you’re at home, then here in Adamsdown and Roath, you’ll find vast greenery and parks where you can have a picnic with your friends on the weekend. 

Rest assured, if you want to have some fun and immerse yourself in a buzzing atmosphere, you can easily commute to the city centre within minutes thanks to the great transportation links in the area. Additionally, the area is much cheaper than Cathays, saving you tonnes of money! 

If you ask us, Adasmdown and Roath are the perfect places for you to settle in and the most suitable student areas in Cardiff. With much more affordable accommodation options to choose from at a reasonable price, a tranquil atmosphere with pristine nature, and easy access to the city centre within minutes, what more could you ask for?


  • Rental Range (Approx.): Studios - 700–£1,000+/month; One-Bedroom Apartments - 850–£1,300+/month.

  • Commute: Easy bus routes to Cardiff University within 15-20 minutes; cycling can take 10-15 minutes.

Canton and Pontcanna 

Canton and Pontcanna are the right answers for a more trendy and modern environment! The areas hold a youthful vibe that perfectly suits students, with trendy shops, cafes, and restaurants. Each area has a sense of uniqueness to it. In addition to having a diverse community, as reflected in its restaurants and food spots, Canton is home to a vibrant arts and culture scene, including the Chapter Arts Centre. 

On the other hand, Pontacanna has a more villagey yet trendy side, with its vast green spaces and upscale amenities. If you’re both an introvert and an extrovert, then both areas suit you to unleash both sides.

  • Rental Range (Approx.): Studios - 900–£1,400+/month; One-Bedroom Apartments - 1,100–£1,800+/month.

  • Commute: Bus connections to the campus are about 15-20 minutes away. Cycling is an excellent choice if you’re an adventurous student. Due to the distance, walking may not be suitable for everyday journeys.


This area combines the past and the present with its historical sites, Victorian-like buildings, and modern houses and complexes. Peaceful, tranquil surroundings complement its vibrant, lively atmosphere; whatever your taste, the Riverside area will have something for you! 

You can also seek accommodation that overlooks the stunning view of the River Taff, especially if you grew up near water. Imagine waking up in the early morning and sipping your coffee while unveiling the curtain to the calm-looking water, with the sunlight reflecting its surface. How dreamy!

  • Commute: The bus ride from Riverside to Cardiff University takes 15-20 minutes; walking is not preferred as it’s a long distance.

Students Cardiff

Our Top PBSAs at Casita

Bridge Street Exchange

Bridge Street Exchange is our top-recommended Cardiff student accommodation. It offers premium privacy with en-suite rooms within shared apartments and studios. If privacy is one of your top priorities, this accommodation option will match your preferences. You’ll have a wide range of en-suite rooms and studios to choose from, including deluxe, standard, standard plus, and deluxe plus.

The building offers students great amenities and facilities to cater for their needs, including high-speed Wi-Fi, CCTV, a security team, laundry facilities, and secure bike storage. Moreover, you’ll have all-inclusive bills, an on-site gym, a designated study area, and a communal games room at this student accommodation in Cardiff.

Whether you choose an en-suite room or a studio, you'll have fully-furnished accommodation. Unlike the studios, the communal areas will be shared with your roommates, and they’re fully-furnished and equipped, including the living room and kitchen. 

Park Place 

We understand that some students prioritise their personal space and privacy, so Park Place, a Cardiff student accommodation offering self-contained studios with superior privacy, is quite the option. The studios feature a large bed, storage space, a study area, and a private en-suite bathroom. You’ll also have a fully-fitted kitchenette to cook the meals you crave or host your friends over. 

The building itself has excellent facilities to cater to your needs, including super-fast Wi-Fi, laundry rooms, bike storage, a 24/7 management team, CCTV surveillance, and an on-site gym that offers free yoga classes and private training. 

It doesn’t end here; you’ll find other luxurious amenities like a designated studying area to stay focused, a coffee lounge to socialise and meet your neighbours, cinema rooms, and other fun activities like maker's workshops and pop-up golf.

Park Place is the right place for you to have fun and meet new people while staying in your private space. We're sure that if that's not enough to convince you, the fact that the property offers all-inclusive rates is sure to make you rush to reserve your accommodation immediately.


Another private Cardiff student accommodation option is Zenith, which offers students en-suite rooms in two- to five-bedroom apartments. All rooms are fully furnished and have a double bed with under-bed storage, a study desk, and a wardrobe. The kitchen and living area are shared with your roommates. The property offers great facilities, such as Wi-Fi, on-site maintenance, a management team, all-inclusive bills, and on-site laundry. 

To meet new people and get acquainted with other students like yourself, you’ll find a social area, a communal game room, and a cinema room for late movie nights with your friends. There’s also a quiet area for studying.

That’s it, folks! We believe that living in Cardiff as a student can be an amazing and memorable experience. You’ll have the chance to thrive in this wonderful culture when you pick the most suitable area for you. Whether you're an outgoing person who enjoys trendy, active neighbourhoods or a stay-at-home person who prefers a peaceful environment, this article will help you choose the best student area in Cardiff.

Take your time, and don’t rush into making a decision. Know that your most exciting years start the minute you sign your lease!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top student areas in Cardiff? 

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Cathays, Roath, and Heath are Cardiff's most popular student areas.

How is Cardiff for students?

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Cardiff offers a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of activities and places for students to explore.

Is Cardiff cheap for students?

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Cardiff has been named one of the most affordable cities in the UK for students.

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