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Infographic: 5 New Stats About International Students

Infographic: 5 New Stats About International Students
Created By: Ola Elwassifyon 28 November, 2019
  1. Almost 40% of USA companies missed international business opportunities because they don’t have internationally competent personnel. In other words, they don’t have employees coming from different countries with various cultural backgrounds. When a company does have that sort of environment, it is more likely to land worldwide business opportunities due to the fact that having employees who speak foreign languages makes it easier for them to build strong relationships with clients, customers, and suppliers.
  1. Australia has witnessed a remarkable rise in the number of international students enrolling in its nation's universities and vocational institutions in 2019. It reached 812,000 international students, approx. 20% of the overall student enrollment in the country, which makes it higher than the percentage of international students enrolled in universities in other leading educational countries.


  1. A student survey in the UK has shown that 80% of students constantly worry about money and 1 in 6 students have never budgeted. International students now spend an average of £816 each month, which is £37 more than in 2018.
  1. Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States together host 36% of all foreign students worldwide, which means that they’re the 3 top university student countries on a global scale. This figure indicates that these countries excel at the great student study experiences, ease of admission process, effective student-teacher interactions, world-class quality of programmes, students diversity, quality of students life, increasing career development, campus infrastructure, and manageable cost of living.
  1. The number of students who study abroad is still on the rise on a yearly basis, as it rises by 10% annually. The largest share of international students in the United States is from China. This year marked an increase of 1.7 per cent in the number of Chinese students attending US universities, approximately, 369,548 students enrolled.

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