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Noura Yousef

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04 November, 2020

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E-books are fairly popular recently, not only because they are way cheaper on the Kindle store and online reading apps, but also because COVID lockdown in some places forced avid readers to move from the library to online books and archives. As a student, you have access to your university library; however, for further resources, there are other online libraries worth checking out. Whether it’s for your next assignment or for your next book club discussion; you will always need to look at a couple of reliable sources, most of which are available online for free. 

What Are Digital Libraries?

Digital libraries are websites dedicated to the creation and preservation of electronic books, movies, documentaries, audiobooks, etc. They are fairly popular amongst the youth, and with the increased development of open-source publications, many academic papers and books are available online as well, though not always for free. Whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, the following libraries will benefit you in your studies.

5 Digital Libraries You Should Check Out

1. Digital Public Library of America 

With more than 36 million free online materials from libraries and museums, the Digital Library of America combines multiple resources from partners like the University of Washington, the Library of Congress, and Harvard Library. Browse through the online library exhibitions for a unique look at past events you never knew about. A History of US Public Libraries is an exhibition worth checking out for book lovers. 

2. Library of Congress

With multiple images, archives and audiobooks, this library is an ultimate favourite, especially for photographers as the digital library of pictures has more than one million unique photos from famous photographers and journalists around the world. You can find multiple free e-books in the database on the website. Browse through the subjects here. 

3. The New York Public Library Digital Collection

The New York Public Library has millions of books, but that doesn’t mean you cannot access a few of them online as well. The online collection for this library consists of more than 800,000 books, images, maps, manuscripts and resources. With Halloween coming soon, they recently added a collection of Larry Racioppo Halloween Pictures from 1974 - 1978. Browse through the website for ancient art and illustration resources. 

4. Digital Library of Georgia

This library is all about the history and culture of Georgia; it is where you should go if you are looking for records or maps that clearly describe the changes that happened to this state. Browse through more than 200,000 non-copyrighted documents and manuals in this stunning library. 

5.  National Library of Medicine

Are you a medical student interested in the history of medicine? This is the best website for you. With books that start from the Sixties to pictures and photographs showcasing the first anatomical drawings, this is the ultimate treasure for medical school students. You can also check the exhibitions and their dates online to benefit from these online resources to its fullest. 

Now that you know multiple online resources to keep your thirst for knowledge satisfied, start reading and tell us which of these libraries fit you the best. Don’t forget to check online bookstores for recent book editions since the library most likely won’t have them. 


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