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Classic Christmas Movies You Should Watch

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Engy Hassan

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22 December, 2020

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3 mins read

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Grab your hot cocoa, your comfy snuggies and your Netflix, we are going to be binge-watching from now till the first 5 days of 2021 maybe, no one really knows the difference between holidays and quarantine anymore (internal weeping)!

1. Four Christmases - 2008 - Comedy/Drama.

Vince Vaughn never fails to crack you up without moving a hair! In this movie, he is married with no kids. He and his wife are not really into family life, and with Christmas in the picture, they have to go through what is hell for them, family gatherings! The comedy is light, relevant, and you’ll enjoy watching. 

2. Love Actually - 2003 - Romance/Drama. 

This is maybe the only UK Christmas movie humankind has known! With many British and Irish actors and actresses, you will definitely enjoy seeing this cosy, intimate, yet funny part of the English culture, with Hugh Grant saying all the wrong things at all the wrong times! The movie follows more than 5 separate stories about love and relationships in different forms, with each story somehow being connected to another.  

3. The Grinch Movies

This one has two versions. The newest animated one was made in 2018, narrated by the amazing voice of Pharrell Williams. The Grinch is a fictional character known as “the one who stole the joy of Christmas”, and both movies take you on a journey to see the transformation of The Grinch learning how to love Christmas. It’s a nice movie for international students to get to know the culture a bit more and to really understand this meme. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - 2000 - Family/Fantasy. 

Starring the comical genius, Jim Carrey; you can expect to enjoy some dark humour, and deeply relate to everything The Grinch is doing, no matter how dark and crazy. After all, that’s what Jim Carrey is famous for.    

The Grinch - 2018 - Family/Animation. 

An updated version of the original one, and this time it’s animated, and the comedy is light. You’ll enjoy watching it with friends and family at home during a cosy Christmas night.

4.  The Santa Clause Trilogy - Family/Comedy.

99.9% of the earth population knows the Santa Clause movies by Tim Allen, but if you are one of the 0.01%, Tim Allen is a classic Christmas movies guy, and this trilogy is him, being Santa three times in three different scenarios. Nothing much to say about the story itself, but the trilogy is quite entertaining in general and will be a lovely addition to your classic Christmas movies bucket list. Here they are in order; The Santa Clause (1994), The Santa Clause 2 (2002) and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006).

5. Home Alone - 1990 - Comedy/Family

It’s the Christmas movie that every channel on every satellite on the planet airs on  New Year’s Eve; It’s more than a tradition, it’s deeply embedded within our brains, the first thing to come to our minds when we hear Christmas is Kevin and his vibrant red Christmas ice cap. Home alone is THE classic Christmas movie of all time!  

6. Christmas with the Kranks - Comedy/Slapstick

Another Tim Allen movie, this guy is all about Christmas movies, but this time he is bored of Christmas, and looking forward to spending the holiday without the immense pressure of gift shopping, wrapping and big family gatherings, that is, until his daughter decides to join him and his wife for Christmas, and everything goes wrong. With a slapstick comedy flair, you will have a good laugh and enjoy a classic Christmas movie from the heart of the American culture. 

7. The Polar Express - 2004 ‧ Animation/Family

It’s about a boy who couldn’t stand the idea of waiting for Santa to come, so he went to see him by himself, by taking the polar express of course! He encounters some special individuals who make his journey a lot more interesting than it already is. The animation in this movie is the typical early 2000s version, so you will probably notice this detail throughout the movie, enjoy!  

8. Miracle on 34th Street - 1994 ‧ Family/Fantasy.

It’s all about believing; that is what this movie is trying to tell people who don’t believe in Santa Clause, to the point where it got so political, that the real Santa was declared insane and had to be enrolled in a mental health facility! A light, inspiring, and family-oriented 90s movie that will warm your heart on a cosy Christmas night. 

9. Deck the Halls 2006 - Comedy/Family

Two guys are consuming their last bit of energy in competing for which one is the “Christmas Guy''. Over the top decorations and exotic animals just to win the title that no one cares about. This is a light comedy movie, with a bit of slapstick here and there. 

10. Fred Claus - 2007 ‧ Comedy/Fantasy

From the scope of Santa’s brother, Vince Vaughn is again entertaining us with a light comedy classic Christmas movie where he blames his brother Santa for his personality, and for always being the better kid. You will enjoy it!    

Which of the previous movies are you planning to watch this year? Share with us your favourite movie.


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