Are You Ready for The O-Week?

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Ola Elwassify

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25 January, 2019

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Getting into student life at an Australian university directly after high-school could be overwhelming to some and underwhelming to many. In order to avoid any unmet expectations, it is strongly recommended to attend your o-week at your university in Australia.

What is O-Week?

Orientation Week or O-Week sets the perfect example for a social and an academic blend of activities which are well-designed to introduce students to university life. It is a bit challenging since Australian universities have a high percentage of international students coming from different backgrounds, but determined to fit in.

Is Orientation Week Compulsory?

Some sessions are obligatory and some are actually not, depending on their content. For example, if a session is held for Dos & Don’ts on-campus, it will be mandatory for students to attend these kinds of sessions. Most universities have Compulsory international students sessions. You, as a student, should get to know all the rules and norms of the university you are about to spend the next 4 years in.

How to Get the Most Out of the O-Week?

  • Be open to meeting new people and building friendships.
  • Join cool Students’ Clubs and communities and ask about the Student Union.
  • Learn about your allowed working hours.
  • Know of sporting activities that interest you.
  • Familiarise yourself with the campus buildings to avoid lecture tardiness.
  • Ask about Student Health Services or anything that you need to know.


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