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9 Weird State Laws You Never Knew About

9 Weird State Laws You Never Knew About

Created At:26 November, 2020
Created By:Engy Hassan
Updated At:15 March, 2023
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What can possibly go wrong when an international student shoots confetti within the borders of the state of Alabama? You go to jail! 

Don’t be surprised, it’s one of the weird state laws that you may think of as silly, but whoever made that law is a completely considerate person, and environmentally conscious. The problem with confetti is that it’s made of non-degradable plastic most of the time, and when spread in large quantities at festivities, it will definitely cause permanent damage to the environment. Maybe try to find a biodegradable version if you have the urge to shoot confetti in Alabama in the middle of a mid-term mental breakdown!  

Moving on with the weird state laws, the USA has multiple interesting laws you may come across while studying abroad: 

1. No Netflix Password Sharing - Tennessee

This one is for the whole gang, from Netflix to iTunes, Hulu, Spotify and any other monthly/yearly subscription service. It’s illegal to share your account password with anyone not living under the same roof. “Tennessee Login Law” was passed in 2011, to stop hackers from selling passwords to the masses, not to stop the ex’s from taking advantage of each other's accounts or something! But, still, enemies of the heir, beware! 

2. No Wearing Masks! - Georgia

We’re probably waving a hard goodbye to this one as the pandemic changes every common norm! It was prohibited to wear a face-covering of any sort, but, of course, not for those under 16! 

3. No Releasing Helium Balloons - New York 

Once again another considerate, earth-conscious fella, decided that this act of celebration is dangerous to marine life., Too much rubber and plastic, let’s just inhale it and act goofy instead! 

4. No Pumping Your Own Gas - New Jersey

This is actually good news! Not having to go through the awkwardness of the gas station moment when you’re trying to do it for the first couple of times! Imagine leaving behind such a responsibility can save you a $500 offence fee! Hallelujah New Jersey! 

 5. Sorority Keg Parties - Utah

While most of the US states are fine with sorority keg parties, people other than licensed beer retailers in Utah, can’t possess a beer container larger than two litres. So, a keg will be an absolute NO and having a sorority keg party is an even bigger NO NO because even if you don’t get caught, you still have the restrictions imposed by the ongoing pandemic. 

6. Pennsylvania: No bringing alcohol across state lines

This law was passed during the days of rum-running in the 1920s, It’s actually an old one, no one is following it anymore, considering the fact that it’s all booze, and it’ll be consumed sooner or later wherever the individual holding it is.

7. Delaware: No Halloween on Sundays

Being an adult now, you might think of it like: “yeah, you guys are right”. To be honest, who would want a group of children knocking on the door on a Sunday evening? Having to go to your lectures the next day is depressing enough! 

8. Maine: No Roller-Skating Stunts

Students love rollerskates; why would they give up this easy, such a convenient means of transportation! ? Well, in Maine, anyone performing stunts with their roller skates risks facing a trip to jail! 

7. Hawaii: No billboards

Totally not judging! Who would want these gorgeous sceneries to be hidden behind a huge wall! Whoever studies in Hawaii is fortunate and we envy you! 

This is not a complete list, there are plenty of weird state laws one can not possibly imagine how or why they were passed, but they exist, and it’s both interesting and funny to read about them! 

Have you ever thought about the laws in your country that are completely bizarre?

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