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5 Student-Friendly Activities in Melbourne

5 Student-Friendly Activities in Melbourne

Created At:02 May, 2019
Created By:Noura Yousef
Updated At:14 March, 2023
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Melbourne is a well-known destination for international students as it homes more than 7 of the most famous universities, like The University of Melbourne, Australian Catholic University, and Charles Darwin University. International student life in Melbourne is vibrant and diverse. The city has a lot of activities that students mostly enjoy and love.

What to Do in Melbourne?

Melbourne takes into consideration all types of activities that fit all budgets. There are a lot of free things to do in the city. Students with limited budgets can enjoy watching free musical street gigs, walking around the Hosier Lane to enjoy street art or walking over to old buildings to enjoy the stunning architecture of the city.

There are various cheap things to do in Melbourne that students should be familiar with. Here’s a list for you:

1. Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral

It is one of the many places that students can visit for free to study and enjoy the architectural background of the city. It was built in 1891 in the same place where the first public Christian services in Melbourne were led. It is currently open for visitors with a small permit of A$5 to use your camera inside.

UniLodge on Flinders Melbourne student accommodation is 4 minutes walk from the Cathedral.

St. Paul Cathedral

2. Ride the City Circle Tram

Any international student in Melbourne would love to take a quick trip around the city using the City Circle Tram. It operates all-around the Central Business District - CBD, providing a free tour to any new visitor in Australia and it is a good place to chill and enjoy looking over major tourist attraction. It moves clockwise and anticlockwise between 434 Docklands and South Wharf/Wurundjeri Way.

City Circle Tram

3. Go to RAAF Museum in Melbourne

Another place that students interested in history can visit is the RAAF Museum Aka. Royal Australian Air Force Museum. It includes various items used in World War I. It pays a tribute to the history of the Air Force with a huge collection of stories and pictures that tells the history of the various heroic aviation expeditions of the military.

4. Hunt Music Festivals in Melbourne

Festivals in any city are fun to go to and Melbourne is no exception. It has quite a few music festivals yearly, including the Rainbow Serpent Festival, it is an electronic music festival that is held annually by the end of January. To many, it is an opportunity to enjoy the music you love and to others, it is an opportunity to communicate with people who have the same interests as you.

Strawberry Fields is another 3-day music festival that is held in November. It is a celebration of all types of arts and sounds. It usually includes a small market, workshops, live art performances, and artistic installations.

Music Festivals in Melbourne

5. Hit Food Festivals in Melbourne

Food festivals are a good place for international students to enjoy a taste of authentic food from all over the world and their home country as well. The Food Truck Festival in Melbourne is a food festival that is held in April with various food trucks, kids' entertainment booths and various live performances. The event is free to enter with foods and desserts from all over the world available to eat.

Where do you usually go in Melbourne? Did we miss a place that you would like to recommend? Share with us your Melbourne student experience.

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