5 Reasons Why You Should Try Solo Travelling

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Ola Elwassify

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04 July, 2019

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During your university years, you will always be up to your neck with assignments to submit, books to read, and projects to finalize and solo travelling gets thrown out of the window. Stop asking if it is weird to travel alone. Travelling alone benefits are countless and that’s why you should travel alone in your 20s.

But what about your summer vacation? I can already feel the adrenalin kicking from the thought alone. Travel solo tours and solo travel packages are becoming more and more popular. So to know how to start travelling alone, read on!

1. It’ll Give You a Sense of Freedom

Since you’re totally alone, planning and managing your trip to your heart’s content will give you a very high sense of freedom. You won’t have to comply with someone else’s habits. This will also make you become friends with yourself. Solo travelling is a huge gate to deep soul-searching experiences. You’ll be surprised by the things you didn’t know about yourself.

2. It’ll Increase Your Sense of Responsibility

With freedom comes huge responsibility, they say. Solo travelling is one of the best opportunities to have fun on a budget and learn to do it more effectively as you travel more. You’ll also be responsible for finding suitable hostels, booking the most suitable tickets and knowing your Dos and Don’ts in-action. This will surely boost your self-confidence and -esteem. You will get lost and have to manage going back. Remember: asking the locals is better than all the map applications you have on your mobile combined.

How to travel alone for the first time? Here’s a safety tip: Make sure to share your current accommodation and/or location with someone back home.

Student Traveling to the Mountains

3. You’ll Make New Best Friends

On the solo travel spectrum, you'll understand how being alone doesn’t mean that you’re lonely. Is travelling alone fun? Yes, it’s. You’ll be open to making new friends and talking to the locals to learn more about their language, culture, and traditions. No solo traveller doesn’t have a best friend living abroad, and they all brag about how profound that is.

4. Learn About New Cultures

Places have their own voice, and being alone is the ideal way to listen closely to what each place has to say to you. When asked about your home country, you will discover it had a voice embedded in you for too long As an international student, you’ll come to the conclusion that cultures speak louder than words. You’ll meet people from different countries, speaking different languages and coming from various cultures and abiding by different traditions. Again, talk to the locals; learning a few words in the local language never hurts, does it? Travelling alone in Europe, for example, is a great way to learn about different cultures and learn new languages.

Student Solo Traveling

5. You’ll Inspire and Get Inspired

Just as everything you come across is new to you, you’re new to the people who meet you as well. They will be interested in knowing more about your home country, where are you studying, how many languages you speak, and much more. You’ll inspire people along the way just as much as they inspire you, always keep that in mind.

Where have you been before? Were you a solo or with friends? Share with us your travelling experiences.


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