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Why Casita?

Why Casita?

At Casita, we hold students' hands to guide them towards success. Their success is Casita's success.

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  • All our services are free.

  • Our team has worked in the UK, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the USA for over 20 years. 

  • We offer 24/7 multilingual support. 

  • We understand the needs and priorities of international students.

  • We carefully select our rooms, which means that the location, amenities, design, and social environment are always appropriate for university students.

  • We have over 1.5 million rooms. We list all the purpose-built student rooms and buildings in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. 

  • We support students and parents during the booking process. 

  • We help arrange a guarantor for you if needed. 

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