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Student Accommodation in Jersey City near Princeton University

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100% Free Service
100% Free Service
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100% Low Price Guarantee
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100% Verified Listings

Get the best apartments for your stay based on your requirements like budget, distance from university, accessibility etc. Feel free to chat with our experts. You can fill this form so that we can help you.


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Let us help your search!

100% Free Service
100% Free Service
100% Low Price Guarantee
100% Low Price Guarantee
100% Verified Listings
100% Verified Listings

Get the best apartments for your stay based on your requirements like budget, distance from university, accessibility etc. Feel free to chat with our experts. You can fill this form so that we can help you.


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Contact us Background

Casita offers a wide variety of off-campus Princeton University accommodation. Casita also provides multiple Jersey City student halls that are near the university. There is a wide range of en-suite rooms, studios, and single, twin, and double rooms offered by Casita for students to choose from according to their needs and budgets. These accommodation options come with an array of amenities and features, including all-inclusive utility bills, high-speed Wi-Fi, 24/7 security, and laundry facilities. 

Why Study at Princeton University?

Princeton University is of the top Ivy League schools in the United States. The university advances learning through scholarship, research, and high-quality teaching, with a strong focus on undergraduate and doctoral education. Princeton boasts a faculty of world-class scholars who are engaged with and accessible to students and devoted to the thorough integration of teaching and research as well as a commitment to prepare students for lives of service, civic engagement, and ethical leadership.

Diversity and inclusion are pillars at Princeton; the university has a solid commitment to welcoming, supporting, and engaging students, faculty, and staff from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, and to encouraging Princeton’s community to learn from the expression of diverse perspectives.

Princeton University sponsors a focus on the arts and humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences, and engineering, with world-class excellence across all its departments. The university also especially focuses on undergraduate education and has several programs that prepare students for meaningful lives and careers, broaden their outlooks, and help form their characters and values.

As an Ivy League school focused on delivering the highest quality of education, Princeton currently has 1,258 faculty members, 31 of which are Nobel Prize winners, 5,548 undergraduate students, and 3,157 graduate students. Princeton also has around 700 international students currently enrolled in its programs as well as 1,637 research funding awards. 

Departments and Divisions

Princeton University offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate certificates and degrees in a range of disciplines and areas of study. Some fields that you can major in at Princeton include the following: 

  • Anthropology

  • Applied and Computational Mathematics

  • Architecture and Engineering

  • Art and Archaeology

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Comparative Literature

  • Creative Writing

  • Dance

  • Economics

  • English

  • Global Health and Health Policy

  • History

  • Journalism

  • Neuroscience

  • Physics

  • Visual Arts

Research is also a flourishing department at Princeton University. The university funds and sponsors research in a variety of areas, including the following: 

  • Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Humanities

  • Natural Sciences

  • Social Sciences

Facilities and Resources

Princeton University provides its students with a variety of facilities and resources to help them prosper and thrive academically, socially, and professionally. These facilities include everything from clubs and organisations to athletics and arts, here are some of Princeton’s most notable facilities and resources. 

Student Organisations

At Princeton, student organisations give students the opportunity to turn their words into actions. On top of that, these organisations at Princeton allow students to actively contribute to and assume a role in shaping their social environment. These organisations and clubs are collaborative, self-directed, and are by the students for the students. 

Sports and Athletics

Princeton has 38 different Sport Clubs from which to choose. These clubs are open to all Princeton University students of any and all skill levels and offer the chance to compete with other colleges throughout the Northeast and nationally. Some of the sports clubs at Princeton include the following: 

  • Archery

  • Badminton

  • Ballroom Dance

  • Baseball

  • Men's Basketball

  • Women's Basketball

  • Climbing

  • Cricket

  • Curling

  • Cycling

  • Field Hockey

  • Figure Skating

  • Flag Football

  • Golf

  • Men's Lacrosse

  • Women's Lacrosse

  • Swimming

  • Tennis


Princeton University has both online and offline libraries where you can study, find information to help with your research, catch up on assignments, and find academic aid when needed. The libraries at Princeton include the following: 

  • Architecture Library

  • Center for Digital Humanities

  • East Asian Library

  • Engineering Library

  • Fine Collaboration Hub

  • Firestone Library

  • Lewis Science Library

  • Marquand Art Library

  • Mendel Music Library

  • Mudd Manuscript Library

  • Stokes Library

Cultural and Affinity Groups

Princeton prides itself on diversity and inclusion, this is why cultural and affinity groups are a big thing on campus. Through these centres and groups, you can meet and socialise with individuals of similar backgrounds or connect with cultures and perspectives other than your own on topics ranging from academics and activism to arts and service. Here are some of those groups: 

  • Fields Centre for Equality and Cultural Understanding

  • Davis International Centre

  • Office of Disability Services

Health and Wellness

At Princeton, both your physical and mental health are a priority. University Health Services is the primary healthcare provider for undergraduate and graduate students, their dependents, and faculty and staff. A dedicated and experienced team of doctors, nurses, and practitioners offers a comprehensive range of medical services as well as health education, outreach, and wellness programs.

Mental Health and Wellness Services at the university are there to make sure students are well taken care of and their mental health is in good shape. Psychologists, clinical social workers, and psychiatrists are available to students 24/7. They’re available for urgent care as well as counselling, psychiatric consultations, referrals, mind-body programs such as meditation, and more. 

Arts and Culture

Princeton University always has room for art and artists to thrive and prosper. An array of art events and performances are held on campus almost every week. Princeton is home to one of the country’s most significant collections of 20th- and 21st-century sculpture, including works by Henry Moore, Louise Nevelson, and Richard Serra. The Princeton University Art Museum holds vast collections of artworks for and by the students. 

Dining on Campus

Hundreds of dedicated people work to provide students with healthy, delicious foods and beverages. Princeton’s award-winning Campus Dining team celebrates a diversity of ingredients, authentic global cuisines, and locally sourced and sustainable products. There are several dining halls at Princeton that take into consideration dietary restrictions and food allergies. You can find halal and kosher dining as well as retail dining. 

Princeton University Accommodation

Princeton is home to several Jersey City residential halls where you can stay and be close to the academic buildings on campus. Princeton University accommodation is known for its small, residential community for undergraduate and graduate students. The rooms are well-fitted with all the amenities and necessities that students might need. A sense of community as well as getting the full university experience are also a couple of perks of living on campus. 

Nearby Universities

Several universities, colleges, and institutions are located in the area surrounding Princeton University. These Jersey City institutions include Saint Peter's University and New Jersey City University.