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Find the best student rooms in Greece

Select the city where you are going to study from the below options. Finding your perfect student home has never been easier!

Student Accomodation in Greece

Greece Student Accommodation

Greece, a little Mediterranean nation known for its ancient civilisation and enchanted beauty, has a wealth of untapped treasures to offer. Since ancient times, Greece has served as a meeting place for people from southern Europe and the eastern Mediterranean. Greece's cultural history can be largely attributed to the skilful reworking of components from the ancient Greek imagination, Byzantine splendours, and European modernity that result in the cosmopolitan spirit of modern Hellenism. Greece is a little country, yet it has a vast spiritual brightness. Numerous tourists fall in love with the country and keep coming back year after year because of its warm atmosphere and the genuine kindness of its people.

Casita Student Residences in Greece

Casita offers inexpensive student housing in Greece with a range of options to suit students' needs. You may socialise with your peers, meet new people, and take advantage of services like shops, study spaces, game rooms, gyms, and laundry facilities when you live in a shared residence with common areas.

Below are our most popular student accommodations in Greece.

  1. Selina Centavrus Pelion

Selina Centavrus Pelion is a pet-friendly student accommodation in Greece that offers free Wi-Fi, a tour desk, live music, fully furnished rooms, a rooftop terrace, a shared kitchen, social events, a cafe, a movie room, free parking, a jacuzzi, a library, and a wellness centre.

  1. Selina Theatrou Athens

With everything within a 10-minute walk, Selina Theatrou Athens is a student accommodation in Greece that encourages you to experience the wonder of the city like a native. You'll also appreciate the locally curated art murals and upcycled furniture. On-site amenities include fantastic yoga sessions, social events, free parking, an art gallery, a rooftop bar-restaurant, a cafe, a cosy coworking space, a wellness centre, and a cinema room.

Booking a Student Room with Casita

In just three simple steps, you can book your student accommodation in Greece.

  1. Explore

Browse more than a million rooms in 60 different countries, decide where you want to study, and look into your student accommodation options.

  1. Discover

Utilise our excellent filters to find the ideal room for you. Select your desired room type, budget limit, and even amenities. 

  1. Secure

Fill out the form and reserve your room by clicking the "Enquire" button. Our accommodation experts will get in touch with you to help you finalise your booking.

Popular Cities in Greece

1. Athens

With its renowned Acropolis, Athens, Greece, has come to represent the entire nation in the public's imagination, and for good reason. The city is the cradle of democracy, the arts, science, and western philosophy. It also serves as the historical capital of Europe. Home of Aeschylus, Euripides, Pericles, Sophocles, and Plato, it's one of the oldest cities in the world. The goddess of wisdom and daughter of Zeus, Athena, is credited with giving the city its name, according to the legend.

2. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece, has a 2,300-year history and was named after Alexander the Great's sister. It was established as the principal port of the Macedonian kingdom. Greece's cultural capital, Thessaloniki, is well known for its festivals, events, and generally bustling cultural life. Thessaloniki is driven by hedonism, optimism, and a tiny bit of disorder. The vibrant second city of Greece is more lively than the capital and features museums and monuments to delight history buffs.

3. Chania

Greece's Chania is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The historic architecture of the settlements and the pristine beauty of their surroundings enchant visitors. It is a location where numerous civilizations have thrived over the years. Chania is well-known for its Venetian harbour and its old town, which features narrow lanes lined with bougainvillaea and jasmine. The Egyptian lighthouse, the landmark mosque, the beautiful vernacular architecture, and the breathtakingly stunning Venetian boatyards—now used as cultural centres—give the town its distinct personality.

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