How to Write For Us

How to Write For Us

Guidelines for Contributors

  • Typical article length is 500-1,500 words long, though submissions just outside of these limits will be accepted. 1,000 words is the average length.

  • All articles should be relevant to student concerns, thoughts and study tips. Articles exploring the current cutting-edge topics in the student accommodation industry are preferred.

  • Please include any online resources you have used in your article within the article itself. This should be done as hyperlinks in brackets alongside the relevant text. Any further offline resources should be noted at the end of the article. 

  • Casita will not accept any articles that have been published, or are due to be published, on any other website.

  • Your piece will be subject to an edit through an experienced editor within the Casita team. Headlines and subheadings will be added by the Casita team.

  • Casita reserves the right to accept/decline a backlink in case we found it does not fit the purpose of our website. 

Style Guidelines

  • Use a second-person point of view to address students “You” and refer to yourself as “we” or “I”. 

  • Use British English not American English

  • Avoid negative and discouraging subjects that do not encourage the reader to take action. 

  • Avoid using words that are discouraging, degrading, too informal, or pessimistic. 

  • Avoid medical subjects or medical terminologies.

  • Content should be easy to read, both in word choice and layout.

  • Use trusted resources and fact-check the information.

  • Use concise facts to support your opinion and new ideas.

How to Contribute

If you have an article or an idea that meets our guidelines that you want to contribute, send it to [email protected]  Or, if you’re keen to write an article but you have a specific question, feel free to drop us a line explaining your idea and we can give you some guidance on it. 

Student submissions are accepted as long as they follow the guidelines above. We welcome student articles about their study experience abroad.