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Carrer de Pallars, 135, 08018 Barcelona, ​​Catalonia

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19 mins by public transport to Central Barcelona

About Marine

Barcelona, which is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is a city of history, culture, architecture, and art. The city is located on the Mediterranean Sea on the coast between the rivers Llobregat and Besos. Barcelona is known for its museums, art galleries, and architectural landmarks. It’s also known for its sandy beaches and established World Heritage Sites. Barcelona houses several universities, colleges, and higher education institutions that provide ...

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Facilities & Services


On-Site Cinema Room
On-Site Gym
Social Area

Property Rules

Choose Your Room

Studio - Superior
€1,000 Deposit

A 17-19m² self-contained studio featuring a double bed with under-bed storage, workspace, wardrobe, air conditioning, en-suite bathroom, private lounge With TV, Wi-Fi, and a kitchenette with sink, oven, microwave, fridge with freezer.

Move - In
07 Feb, 2023
Move - Out
04 Oct, 2023
€917 /MONTH
Move - In
07 Feb, 2023
Move - Out
02 Aug, 2023
€965 /MONTH
Move - In
07 Feb, 2023
Move - Out
03 Jul, 2023
€1,062 /MONTH
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Enquire Now

* Note: Final rent price and availability are subject to change and to be confirmed upon completing your booking.


- The students can pay monthly or they can pay all in advance. 

- To confirm the booking and guarantee the room, a booking fee of 250€ will be required. The security deposit (1.000€) and the first rent must be paid 30 days before the check in.

- If the students don’t sign the agreement and pay the booking fee, after 48 hours our system cancel automatically the booking and the room is released. The students will be able to check in only if the 2nd rent and the security deposit are paid.

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Reviews ?

Yash Desaai
2 months ago
A very good residence in Barcelona with many facilities like Gym, Swimming Pool, Study rooms, Big Common room, etc. The Livensa Management are all warm, friendly and understanding. They are always there for you if you need anything. The room is cleaned every week on a decided day with new bedsheets and 3 new towel/napkins. Regarding security, there is a secure door through which only the residents can enter through the key given. The Livensa Management also make sure that no unwanted visitor enters the residence. Also, if there is an issue within the room, they are immediately addressed by the technicians. Overall, I would say that this residence just feels like home and you will have a great experience :)
Tommaso Amorosi
5 months ago
Good place if you come to bracellona to study. No complaints from my end.